Saturday 13 July 2013

Pointless Goals

Well I thought I only set unrealistic and/or pointless goals at work, but it seems to be a worrying trait in other areas now.  Having decided to repaint all my termagants, I clumped them all together and took a picture:

We Represent The Lullaby League

This was to convey the sheer scale of my task and impress upon the reader how much effort I would have to put in to get through this marathon of a job.

In truth, it doesn't look all that bad.  I've already finished the skin and the guns only need a wash.  I mainly just need to repaint the carapaces.  But looking at the picture, there isn't much wrong with the current carapaces and I'm basically painting them the same colour (red/vomit brown stripes).  From a distance the casual observer won't be able to tell the difference.  And it doesn't look like a lot of models anyway in the photo.  It doesn't look like 72 at any rate (did I lose some?  I can't bring myself to count)  And they suffer 90% casualties in the first turn of a game anyway, what with all the shitey template weapons out there.  I try to keep them in a line and spaced out but they always end up clumping.  I blame the Instinctive Behaviour rule.  I remember one of those Furioso dreadnoughts liquidising an entire 20 strong brood a turn  once with those food blender thingies on the end of its hands.  An incredibly exciting and enjoyable 10 minutes of my life spent moving/running/charging up to the slaughter.  Maybe I should play WFB.  You get movement trays then.  You can model flowers and bits of scenery on them.  Its ace.

Anyway, this is pretty much why I'm writing this Godawful blog.  If 'painters block' wasn't such a lame term I'd use it (I guess I just did).  Regardless, I can't be arsed finishing them.  So I drill holes in other models and void my inane thoughts out into the aether via the wonderful medium of the internet.

I should just stop whinging really and get on with it, shouldn't I?

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