Monday 26 August 2013

Shrine of the Manufactork

I've been working on the looted Ork manufactorum.  Chris instructed me to add a crane and a skyshield landing pad to the structure.  So I decided to put some doors on it.  Some big ass doors which can open and close and have a working lock mechanism.  I never was very good at taking instructions.

Shrine of the Aquila.  Not.

You can see the beginnings of a skyshield landing pad on the right hand tower. I have no idea how I'm going to complete this because the landing pad itself no longer fits on top of the supports.  Ah well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  The door was attached to some struts that didn't come from GW (gasp!) and which, it turned out, weren't made of styrene.  So I had a great time trying to glue the buggers on until I discovered a tube of Liquid Nails in my toolbox and liberally applied it.  (note to self: do not attempt to roll cigarettes with Liquid Nails on your fingers).  I bought the hinges from Bunnings.

I will get round to Orkifying it.  Eventually.  Maybe. 

The locking mechanism is one of those manufactorum panels with the Deus Mechanicus symbol on it.  I've always loved the Machine God motif and I reckon the Adepts of Mars would have been annoyed with me if I had simply glued it on.  Perhaps they would have censured me.  So I made it rotate:

I could have been a hand model if I didn't keep stabbing myself with craft knives.

And the doors open!  You have no idea how many attempts it took to hang them straight.  I was obviously never destined to be a cabinet maker.

Speak friend and enter.  Mellon!

There's an unfinished catwalk across the top and models standing on it will be able to fire out of the windows. They may lose their cover save if you open the doors though.

Say hello to my little friends!
In fact, the main reason I built it like this was to make it more fun in a game  (This is a lie.  The reason I built it was because it pleases me to do so).  If it was just a wall then the defenders would be sitting tight on top of it.  Imagine trying to assault 24 Fire Warriors manning this piece of terrain.  It would be like Monty Python and the Holy Grail,  "Go away, or we will taunt you a second time!  Fechez la vache!"  But you could make up rules for it, allowing a unit within 2 inches to open the doors and surprise the enemy (from either side, I guess). Alternatively play with them jammed open if line of sight blocking is giving one player an unfair advantage.

You can't take them off though.  Pulling them off would be bad and would probably make me cry.

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  1. This is amazing work!!

    I'd go out and buy the same Cities of Death terrain for myself and make an attempt at the same conversion if the damn kit weren't so rare (also I would need more time on my hands but still this was a great idea).

    Did you ever paint it? Or finish your board for the matter?