Monday 6 January 2014

More MCs needed

When I posted the picture of Tubbs the Tervigon next to my Exocrine conversion I felt a sudden rush of guilt.  Having already converted two Tervigons, she was the ugly sister as far as I was concerned.  I much preferred Gertie who was lovingly and painstakingly converted and farts termagants out of her arse rather than giving birth by caesarean section (which seems a bit extreme, somehow) .  

Its just a jump to the left...
So I never even finished painting Tubbs, who remained a 3rd string quarterback in my Tervigon spam list.  Looking at the picture of her I decided that the old girl deserved better.  So now she sports a shiny new Hive Fleet Nidrot colour scheme and is fully based.

Repainting your entire army is a slow process and has taken me about 18 months so far.  I still have a Trygon Prime, Flyrant, Tilly the Tervigon and most of my gaunts and genestealers to go.  The new codex release has revitalised me a bit but I'll probably be too busy drooling over my new purchases to finish them any time soon.

And then a step to the riiiiight!


  1. Yet another God-like paint job Mr Monkey Chukka.. : )

    1. Thanks, I'm grateful that someone actually reads this blog, much less praises my painting. I'll try to get my new bugs painted up for display but just got back from holiday so they are only basecoated atm.