Tuesday 11 March 2014

A Brace of Carnifex

I sold some of my Grey Knights last week.  They were a failed experiment in playing an Imperial army and had not seen the tabletop for over a year.  Rather than leaving them to rot I sent them to a good home and cleared some storage space. I made a bit of cash, received mutterings of approval from the wife and felt good about myself.

I immediately spent the money on more models.

dems Dakkafex dem is

In my defense, I bought a Carnifex brood rather than just two single ones, thus saving a whopping $41 and I can kit bash 2 more Biovores using the spare parts.  This is how I justify the expense and pretend that I'm not lying to myself.

They're tiny in comparison to some of GW's recent releases.  How the mighty have fallen.

I briefly contemplated buying the Forgeworld Twin Linked Devourers which are very tasty, but settled on the age old method of gluing two Termagant devourers back to back.  I have over 60 of the beastly things still on the sprue so it seemed prudent.  I think I'll convert some of the others into Testiclids and turn my Harpy conversion into the bastard son of a Crone.

Forgeworld's lovely devourers. Get thee behind me, Satan!

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  1. don't forget you owe us a tutorial on making the Biovores and I look forward to seeing how you make the Tentaclids, sounds intriguing.