Monday 14 April 2014

The Eightfold Path

I decided to start listening to audio books whilst painting.  Specifically, Horus Heresy dramas from Black Library.  This seemed like a good idea at the time; its like double dipping the hobby.


With the benefit of hindsight I should probably have picked something pedestrian and calming, maybe with a classical music accompaniment.  Instead, I chose to listen to 'Butcher's Nails' by Aaron Dembski-Bowden.  I had been reading a novel by the same author previously and the audio drama gives a bit of back story on the book.   Thus armed, I felt ready to tackle my HiveStorm Redoubt and set about painting it in my normal Nid colour scheme.

I was fairly pleased with my progress, in a prosaic sort of way.  It was okaaay.  I never really liked the main bunker and firing slits, but they would suffice.  I supposed.  Then I discovered a weird effect on the model whist base coating it.  When I sprayed Chaos Black primer onto the surface of the bare insulation foam, it reacted with the aerosol and disintegrated in a really interesting way. The effect looked much more organic than my attempts with PVA glue.  However, most of the model was coated in PVA, which did not melt, and the black primer covered it just fine.  I figured that it was too late to go back now and carried on painting.

Melting!  I'm Meltiiiiing!  Oooooo what a world!

At this point in 'Butcher's Nails' I was up to the part where Angron was running amok on the Dark Eldar flagship with Gorechild.  I think it must have been the sound of the chain axe which prompted me. I suddenly decided to take the Eightfold Path with my Dremel Rotary Tool and obliterated the entire facade of the HiveStorm Redoubt.

Slaanesh's Tits!!!!  What have I done!?

When I came to my senses, the damage was done and I wisely left my hobby station alone for a few hours.  I've managed to repair some of the destruction and resolved to continue with my experiment in Chaos Black primer and insulation foam.  It definitely looks more 'organic' than before.  But I would say 'organic' with a rotting, diseased flavour.  Or perhaps with an acid burned carcass tone.  Ho hum.  I will finish it regardless.

The Ruinous Powers have spoken

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