Sunday 15 June 2014

Money Pit

Styrene mutation continues with my latest Crone.  All you need to create this beast is packet of green stuff and more money than sense.  Eye of Mawloc and thorax of 'Fex.  Wing of Terrorgheist and tail of Trygon.  Throw in some Tyrant arms and a pinch of devourers and already you're hoping to God that your wife doesn't find the receipts.

Actually, this version didn't cost me anything but the original Harpy was built in 5th Edition when there weren't a lot of monstrous creature wings knocking about.  I knew of other people daft enough to attempt a Harpy conversion before the official kit came out and they were generally using Balrog or dragon wings from LotR/WFB.  I decided to use a Zombie Dragon and that was where things started to go wrong.

I couldn't get the damn wings to stay on the body with magnets and had to use 3 sets in the end.  The water effects were a wash out (pun intended), took multiple attempts and one ruined Trygon tail.  I broke one of the wings in half trying to make it curve upwards.  I couldn't get both wings to mirror each other and positioned them too low (I've managed to improve that somewhat but they still aren't symmetrical).  I snapped the end off a wing again whilst painting it.  I painted the spikes the wrong way round.  The grass effects wouldn't stick (even with super glue) and kept falling off.

The Harpy itself turned out to be utterly useless in competitive play.  It even managed to drop spore mines and scatter them onto itself in one game.  Harpies could only move 12" in 5th Ed and it was rather difficult to avoid it's own droppings.

I gave up in the end and threw it in a box marked 'In the event of Fail, please open'.  But then the new codex came out and Harpies got better.  I dusted off the box.  Trouble is, Crones are better than Harpies imho (or they were before 7th Ed) so it was back to the chopping board.  A new set of arms, drool cannon and 4 testiclids later and its good to go.

I've been playing it 'counts as' Crone since January and it has done wondrous things so I know I won't have to put it back in the Fail box.

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