Tuesday 15 July 2014

The Green Weed

I started to paint my red weed infestation and then changed my mind.

The more I thought about it, the more it seemed wrong.  Maybe the red was too high a contrast to the grey.  Maybe it wouldn't match my army.  Maybe I was running out of red paint.  One of these statements is definitely true.

So it was back to the old standby.  Elysian Green, Nurgling Green, Ushabti Bone.  The picture below is taken before the Biel-Tan Green wash.

And this little diorama has the green wash applied.

The only other colours I've used are Tin Bitz and Brass Scorpion.  I didn't want to make it too busy.  The Green Weed makes it pop enough.

I think terrain should provide an interesting context and backdrop for your models, not overshadow them.  I didn't want it to completely distract the eye from my army (although this picture might suggest otherwise).  At the same time I wanted to tie it in with my colour scheme so that it all hangs together.

Also, I'm lazy and have a ton more stuff to do before the board is finished.  As a well known wargame podcaster once said, "The best colour is 'done'."


  1. I really, really like it. i also like the red base, it adds a depth of colour that also ties in with your Chitin colouring too. Hopefully the red hasn't run out and you can still use that as a starting point.

    My problem is my weed and tendril bits are maroon, which doesn'tstand out too well on my red planet buildings. I suppose I could switch to various other colours, my Digestion pit is yellow with brown tendrils. I may well be trying my hand at this technique on my board, so it should be fun.

    1. Cheers. I'd be very interested to see your interpretation. What about using blue to match your carapace? It will definitely pop against a red background. Also, I didn't mention how spectacularly messy the whole process is. You end up with strands of hot glue all over the place like spider silk. Good luck!