Sunday 10 August 2014

Tyranid Infestation - Stage 2 Complete

Spore Capillary Chimney Towers are complete.  I am now officially panicking since all this terrain has to be ready for Friday and Call To Arms, my annual foray into the world of baby seal clubbing (in which I play the seal mostly).   

To be honest, I enjoyed it last year and I haven't met a WAAC gamer yet.  There are 4 Dark Angels players and only 2 Eldar this year.  Most of the field is taken up by Tau but there are 3 Nid players who will hopefully enjoy my terrain.  My submitted army list is embarrassingly similar to one of them.  I hope I don't play him.  It will be like both of us turning up to the school disco wearing the same dress.

Anyway, I'm getting ahead of myself.  Stage 3 is in pieces on my desk and Stage 4 is a distant daydream.  Ah well, I always work best under pressure.

A lot of people use tournament deadlines as motivation to paint their armies.  My army is pretty much done, thank the Hivemind.  A bit touching up needed but thats all.  Producing a terrain board as well is just masochism really.


  1. Your Tyranid color scheme is certainly my favorite among all of the different paint setups I've seen.
    Do you have any plans to do a tutorial on your basic color scheme or could you tell me what combination of paints to achieve your design?


    1. Thankyou, its a fairly easy scheme to paint. I'll do a tutorial when I get round to converting my Malanthrope.