Sunday 26 April 2015

More than meets the eye

First out of the gate is the Tyrannocyte transformer.  I am still tweaking the revisions I made on the last minute changes on the pregnant version (i.e. procrastinating).  

Also, the tongue fell off because I kept trying to re-position it, which made me scream in frustration.  I decided to post pictures of the finished one to take my mind off things.

Here it is in pieces ready to be snapped together.  I have not magnetised the guns, for two reasons.  First, I've run out of magnets and second, if I spend any more time on the model I will go mad.  I have decided to glue the venom cannons in place.  A decision which I will no doubt come to bitterly regret in the fullness of time.

 A quick tutorial on how I did gas sacs.  Model is base coated Khorne Red and over brushed with Elysian Green as usual.  Then I flip the model over and dry brush downwards with Cadian Fleshtone.  All steps are done with a large drybrush in a deliberately slap dash way so that the colours underneath are showing.  I turn the model back the right way round and highlight (again with large drybrush) using Ushabti bone.  If it leaks into the green bits then it doesn't matter because they are highlighted with Ushabti/Nurgling green.  Reikland Fleshshade and Carroburg Crimson washes are then applied with a bit of glazing medium and water.

This is the Sporocyst loadout which I will never use in games.  Of course, if I hadn't built a Sporocyst version then they would unquestionably have become an 'auto take' in the next version of the Tyranid codex.  Murphy's Law.

I think this is my favourite configuration.  A Tyrannocyte with the air-brakes deployed.

Air-brakes retracted.  This will make transportation much easier and it matches my other two.

 I contemplated using the air-brakes upside down but they are a bit wobbly and it looks stupid.

The base is bits of sprue, forming little islands in a sea of digestive fluid with lashings of Nurgle's Rot in between and a gloss varnish.  When I post the next Tyrannocyte version it will become apparent why I did it this way.  I quite like the effect and have used it on other models as well as terrain so it should blend in with my army.


  1. Love the base, and I actually like the upside down air brakes too, I don't think it looks stupid by a long shot. I still can't bring myself to get one yet though. I really like them but I'd rather get me the bits for my Dark Angels and the knight, although I'll most likely get the paladin and the new Warden will come out :(

    1. A couple of people have said they like the upside down air brakes. I guess its not stupid after all. I think many gamers are going to be keeping their conversions/3rd party pods though. You put a lot of effort into yours and I especially like your scratch built one so why not?