Monday 23 September 2013


I'm having another lull in 40k (which may turn into a full blown hiatus).  This is mostly because I started reading books again (non Black Library).  And playing videogames (non Dawn of War).  

I consumed Bioshock Infinite in 4 mammoth sessions, proving that I am a glutton and therefore going to Hell when I die.  I think 40k started to pall a bit when we were playing 750 point games at the club and I decided to use Necrons.  I have about 1500 points of them and have always wanted to dabble so this was the perfect opportunity.  I actually won my first game.  I did this by standing there and shooting for 5 turns.  And nothing else really.  Ok, my scarabs were going to assault something but they all died in turn 1.  The point is, I won the game without really doing anything.  My opponent conceded in turn 5 because he was so bored.   Shooting sucks.  Line of sight blocking terrain should be mandatory in every mission set up imho.  So, anyway, this being a shooting game and all, I have started to wilt a bit.  I decided to build a Necron objective marker to cheer me up.

I was going to do a Necron Warrior laying the smack down on some poor, unsuspecting genestealer.  It would be ultimate expression of shooting over close combat.

I think a Ymgarl ripping off a Necron's head sums up my feelings about the 'shooting game' quite well.

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