Monday 9 September 2013

A right riveting read

Finished!  Well, I could tinker with it more but I'll go blind if I put one more rivet on, so I'm calling it done. The Orkification was the most difficult part really.  Forcing yourself to glue random shit onto a model just feels... unnatural.  Drinking a bottle of wine and listening to 'Woodpeckers from Mars' by Faith No More helps.  However, it makes the rivets difficult to see, never mind glue on.

Crime: Defacing an Imperial Aquila.  Sentence:  Death by rivets

Fortunately Orks don't care about precision, symmetry and other such niceties.  Once I got into the swing of it the modifications became almost enjoyable.

They vandalised my beautiful front door.  Bastards.
They'll never get the glass back in that window.
The rest of it is just spikes, razor wire and tank traps (no idea why I put tank traps on the second floor of a building.  I was into the second bottle of wine at that point.)

You better nail that landing.  Unless you want an extra arsehole.
Note the Orky take on the Chrysler logo

The tanks will never make it to the 2nd floor now

I had to use larger rivets when I got drunk

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