Saturday 9 November 2013

The future is yellow

Second colour added.  One more to go and they are tournament ready!  Lol.  Like they'll ever compete in a tournament.  I think yellow is quite original for Necrons, but I have a horrible feeling that it just looks stupid.  Maybe some of that Iyanden or Tau shooty goodness will rub off though.

Transformers, Tau bots in disguise!
It took longer than anticipated; about 4 hours.  So much for speed painting, but you've got to stay in the lines, haven't you?  Also I had to undercoat with white first.  Its worse than painting red, if you try to paint directly over a dark basecoat the colour doesn't show up.  You end up having to do about 4 or 5 layers and it can still look murky, so its just easier to put a coat of white on first.  

Next up:  some washes.

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