Monday 11 November 2013

Turning to Custard

Well that took freaking ages.  I never realised just how fiddly some of these models are.  There might not appear to be much difference in the photo but the green is now added.  Again, I had to paint it white first and then add Scorpion Green.  This proved to be too light, so I added a green wash.  This made it too dark so I added a lighter Scorpion Green.  It still didn't look right so I gave up.

Green.  Ish.
Then I glanced up at the shelf and realised that I'd completely forgotten about the sodding Royal Court.

You forgot to paint us!  High five, bro!

Bollocks.  I think the best course of action at this stage would be to carry on regardless.  The next stage is to add weathering effects.  This will be achieved by that age old method of kicking the bastard things around the garage.

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