Tuesday 18 February 2014


With a ton of painting on the go and a Hivestorm Redoubt to finish, I spent most of the evening creating an archaeological dig site on one of my flight stands.  It turned out to be far more enjoyable than basecoating and looks quite cool.

Thats what I love about hobbying.  I don't have to finish anything and can just fart around on the internet or sit in the garage contemplating my navel. I discovered these whilst idly browsing ChapterHouse studios:

"This is a six (6) piece set of 28mm pewter alien heads.   You will receive two(2) each of three(3) distinct heads. They fit on Games Workship Genestealer Models."

So thats why Ymgarl Genestealers don't exist anymore.  It all makes sense now.  Shame, those heads look pretty good.

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