Monday 24 February 2014


Painting the Hivestorm Redoubt is now a distant memory.  I had a sudden, overwhelming urge to own 'Deathleaper', one of the new HQ models for Nids (well, he's not actually new, but that's by the by).  The local shop didn't have any in stock but my 'impulse buy' button was flashing violently so a Lictor had to suffice.  I've pretty much been working on it ever since and I'm not even sure where all the other, unfinished models are.  Probably under a table somewhere.

"Looks like you've got a loose filling back here, Mr Warburton."

I think this is why I play 40k rather than any of the other competitors.  I read the rules for Warmachine and quite liked them.  However, most of the warjacks reminded me of Digimon characters, I didn't like the look of most armies and the only one I did like (Cryx) had some sort of 'robo-chicken' in the starter set. So that was the end of that little experiment.  Likewise, I thought Infinity looked like a really good game and went as far as buying a starter box.  The models were exquisite, but they were made of pewter and only assembled into one, preset pose.  My excitement quickly palled and I immediately went back to 40k kits when thinking about building terrain for it.  Most recently, I ordered the starter set for X-Wing. Upon discovering that the models were already painted and assembled, I put them back in the box and left it in a corner.  I haven't read the rules yet.

Fortunately (or perhaps unfortunately for my wallet), Games Workshop are innately aware of the need to mainline hobbying directly into your veins and provide a vast array of plastic kits with superfluous spare parts practically dripping off them.  Rummaging around in your bits box for plastic treasure is a rare treat. Often you aren't even sure what you're looking for but you'll know it when you see it.  You've just got to dig deeper.  Its like grimdark Lego. So, if I had to give up one aspect of the hobby:  playing, painting or converting, I would choose to stop playing.  Surprisingly, I know other, better players who feel the same way.  Therefore, I'm going to stop whingeing about the Tyranid codex, man up, and get on with it.

I also received my Spawn Hive Linked Barricade from Mr. Dandy/Wargamma .  I've never owned a resin kit before (does Finecast count?) and it seemed a bit messy with lots of flashing and mold lines.  It cleaned up very quickly and easily though, there was no bubbling or warping whatsoever, and I'm very pleased with it.  Definitely better than anything I could knock up with bits of toilet roll and green stuff.  I think the Quad Gun will make an excellent Comms Relay until I think of something more sinister and disturbing, probably involving all the spare Mawloc jaws from my bits box...  I'll know when I see it.

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