Saturday 28 December 2013


Work on the Exocrine conversion continues.  I decided to call mine an Endocrine.  Possibly because I'm feeling hormonal.  I had a lot of fun building the gun (bio-cannon?  I don't even know what they're called yet) which is a heavily kit bashed Tyrannofex Rupture Cannon.  The stickman arms were less fun.  Scratch building with Grey Stuff is interesting but its a bit like clay and difficult to do sharp edges well.  Its easier to just use bits of old models for spikey bits or carve the dried resin into the desired shape.

Fire in the hole

I used a mixture of Grey Stuff, Green Stuff and Liquid Green Stuff throughout.  I found that Grey Stuff dried faster and harder, like plastic.  The Green Stuff was stickier and produced a more rubbery finish. It was harder to carve and tended to crumble.  Then I realised that I was mixing too much yellow and not enough blue.  When I use more blue (60/40 mix) it dries much harder and is easier to work with.  Unfortunately, the strip I got in the package contains more yellow.  Nice one, GW.  The Liquid Green Stuff is dead handy though and I use it to plaster over the cracks and smooth out my knobbly bits.

Dr. Frankenstein would be proud

Overall I'm pretty pleased with it.  I definitely want to paint it up to see what it looks like finished and it will probably see some tabletop use.

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