Wednesday 11 December 2013

Mo Gribblies

Hormagaunts are less exciting than I first imagined.  There are only two poses for all the bodies and legs.  

Some of the more notable poses include the "Thriller","Chuck Norris" and the "Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special".

There are 4 different head types but the scything talons are essentially all the same, just posed at different angles.  So after building a couple of models I got bored and started chopping them up.  I didn't want to go too mad, they need to be finished after all, but I found that you can get very different results by just re-posing the legs.  This is relatively easy to do without resorting to green stuff (styrene models are the best!).  Unfortunately I got a bit carried away with myself, attempting increasingly silly, legs akimbo type stances.  When I began to pull the legs off the base entirely and stand them on their tails I realised it was time to stop.

I guess I'll have to paint them now.  This is not an entirely 'thrilling' prospect and puts me in mind of my 'zombiefied' state when I last painted Termagants.  At least there aren't 72 of them.  I ripped all the water pistols off the remaining 20 unpainted Termagants and replaced them with devourers.  I ought to paint them too at some point, especially when GW bring out a sexy new Mycetic Spore model to combat drop them in.  Dropping Devilgaunts into enemy lines is enormous fun (well it used to be, before 6th Ed Tau and Dirty Coteaz).  They'll probably change the transport capacity from 20 to 30 though and I'll have a mental breakdown.

All I need now is a Michael Jackson model and the ensemble is complete.

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