Friday 13 December 2013

Out with the old, in with the new

I started getting caught up in the hype surrounding the forthcoming Tyranid release.  There are so many different and sometimes conflicting rules postings that it all becomes white noise and I try to just look at the pictures.  I decided to dig out my conversions for comparison.  If the price of the models is anything like the rumours portend then I'll be using my 'counts as' for some time to come.

Size does matter.  But so does price.
The Harpy is rumoured to be £48.  Given the New Zealand markup this will make it around $155.  Holy Shit.  You know what?  My poxy conversion is looking better all the time.  I wasted a monumental amount of time and effort (and money) on it.  I was never really happy with the result.  I nearly poisoned myself doing the water effects (pro tip: don't use Norski Kleer-kast, its like modelling with napalm).  But I might as well use the damn thing.  I'll probably pick the new one up at some point, but its likely to become the alternative build (the "Crone"?).

Now, this monster is another matter entirely:

Sadly, my Mycetic Spore will have to become a piece of scenery.
I don't even know what it is, but I want one.  People say its a Haruspex/Exocrine model or something.  The rumours are that it replaces the Mycetic Spore as a transport which is being dropped entirely from the codex.  My spore has seen a lot of action and was built specifically to hide the Doom of Malan'tai from LOS (modelling for advantage, yay!).  However, I'm quite happy for it to be put out to pasture.  Apparently the Doom is doomed anyway and will become a 5th Edition artifact and talking point.  Mine will become a slightly odd looking Zoanthrope in future games.

The new Tyranid Prime is a no-brainer too.  Yes, I will be getting one.

Oh dear.
Finally there appears to be a new Tyrant Guard model.  I never did a conversion for this one but I'm happy to say that Fido is not going to be replaced any time soon.  I'm quite content with the look and feel of the Old Guard, thank you very much (I still have one unassembled. Damned if I need a new one)

Gardez l'eau!!  I refuse to use a model wearing a toilet seat round its neck.


  1. The custom Harpy and the Mycetic Spore appear to be Kraken paint scheme, but the Prime and Guard models are neither Kraken nor consistent with each other... all yours? Also, custom Harpy and Mycetic Spore are amazingly well done. As to "I refuse to use a model wearing a toilet seat around its neck"... HEHEHEHEHEhehehehehehahah... heh. Exactly :) (from mister_grendel at

    1. Thanks :) They're all mine I'm afraid. I painted everything purple at first (a la Tyranid Prime) but I'm slowly re-painting it all. The skin is actually Camo/Elysian green with Nurgling Green/Rotting Flesh dry brush and Ushabti/Bleached bone highlight. I am a terrible photographer however and probably used too much lighting on the Spore/Harpy which makes them look overexposed. Plus I painted everything over the course of 2 years and I am not a consistent painter, so I have tended to paint darker in the later models.

  2. Oh... and what wings did you use on the custom Harpy?

    1. The wings are kit bashed from WFB Vampire Lord on Zombie dragon. I used grey stuff to flesh out the bones. I carefully boiled the wings to curve them upwards (much better than melting them) and they are magnetised for transportation.