Wednesday 20 November 2013

Hell hath no fury

The bases are dry at last and now I'm done.

A unit   cluster  pod  murder of Wraiths
Wasn't sure about the dark green, but its too late now.

Lean, green, fighting machine! (Warning: product contains yellow)
We'll take that objective marker back now.  Alien filth.

Necron dimensional physics allow for some very original flying formations

So I finish painting the Necrons and immediately break my non-losing streak. Finally, I have something to complain about.  Alistair's upstart Tau Empire.  I pretty much knew what to expect from Riptides and their Ion Accelerator greater goodness.  If memory serves, that was the last time I ever played with Paladins.

As a lazy gamer, I've not come up against Ethereals before (is it EtherEEl? or EthEEreal?). The little blue guy in a dress didn't look particularly menacing.  He was hiding behind some sniper drones and a couple of squads of Fire Warriors.  I reckoned that if I could get even 1 or 2 Wraiths and the Destroyer Lord into combat, they would tear through them like a wet paper bag.  Queue: 'Invocation of the Elements' and the 'Storm of Fire' rule.  The clue is in the name really. "Fire". "Storm".  The Destroyer Lord was transformed into a melting slurry, pooling at the bottom of a glowing crater.  Its a testament to the sheer bloody mindedness of Canoptek Wraiths that one of them actually got through into melee.   However, my humiliation was made complete when the Tau version of Jenette Vasquez ran forward and drop-kicked him off the battlements.  I know that male Fire Warriors are about as useful as a chocolate kettle in close combat, but you want to watch those female ones.  They're nasty.  I'm thinking of painting a hoof shaped footprint into the unfortunate Wraith's ocular sensor, to mark the occasion.

It was a close game on paper.  Alistair won on linebreaker.  Had it gone to turn 7 I would probably have been  tabled.  Ah well, at least I have something to whinge about again.  And finally having a painted Necron army is cool.  I think I'm starting to like them.

She lost her Bonding Knife.  In the eye socket of a Wraith.

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