Thursday 31 July 2014

Tyranid Infestation - Stage 1 Complete

The ruins are fully infested at long last.  I thought it would be really cool to put stained glass windows in the Basilica Administratum terrain.  

It was meant to be a nice afterthought. Six frickin' windows took about six hours.

But it took freaking ages to get something approaching acceptable.  I basically used the plastic from blister packs, which was fine.  I tried using felt tip markers for the stained glass but it just didn't work.  I experimented with washes next but finally settled on ordinary acrylic paint thinned with glazing medium.

After painting my first window I remembered how terrible at colour theory I am.  It was orange, yellow and red.  These are not good stained glass colours and it looked like a lolly wrapper.  I switched to purples, blues and reds and this was better.  I ended up rushing it a little because the whole thing was taking longer to do than all the rest of the building put together.

All your base are belong to us

The puddles in the Manufactorum sections were ridiculously easy.  I just slopped Nurgle's Rot all over the top of a Caliban Green basecoat.  Done.  I'm definitely warming to GWs technical paints and actually used Blood for the Blood God in the red parts of the stained glass. It has a really nice shiny, translucent finish.

Flight Seven Zero Niner, you have permission to buzz the tower.

Played a couple of games with the terrain now and I'm pretty pleased.  It feels like home ground advantage but is just as tactically challenging for me as other players, since you can hide all sorts of things behind them (including pesky Daemon Princes which are tiny)


  1. Love the stained glass windows. I've some future Print & Play terrain templates that have stained glass windows. They're designed to be printed onto transparency film so you get the stained glass effect, worth trying out next time, I'm sure you can get transparency film that works with inkjet printers, although I have access to a colour laser copier.

    You should also try out Tamiya Clear Red X-27, from what I've seen of the Blood for the Blood God, it's good but X-27 is next level for blood effects,

  2. thanks Dave. You should work in counselling or mentoring services. A friend actually mentioned printing with transparency film. But he did it with a glint in his eye which said, "You silly ass. Why did you waste so much time on this?". Your bedside manner is so much better.

    1. Having learned a long time ago that anything can be misinterpreted when written on the internet I try to be as polite and civil as is humanly possible in all my correspondence, to mitigate anyone taking offence. Therefore I treat everyone as complete simpletons in my explanations ;)