Saturday, 23 April 2016


More laziness and a complete lack of hobbying for a while, but I've been through rather an abrupt career change in the last few weeks.  I may well be slightly richer as an I.T. Contractor and able to buy more models but will probably have less time to actually paint them.  Time is an increasingly precious commodity as I become older and more moribund.

Whilst looking for work, a recruitment agent suggested that I spruce up my C.V. with a 'personal' section, explaining my pastimes and leisure pursuits.  I found it harder than writing the actual resume.  In the end I decided to admit that I was a wargamer, hobbyist and erratic blogger (it seemed more professional than 'wine drinker', 'video game player' and 'frugal cyclist').  I even mentioned the web address.  This has the potential to backfire disastrously, since a potential employer might not be terribly impressed with a blog about toy soldiers which drops the occasional f*bomb and talks about space aliens, teabagging themselves with their own oddly hung genitalia.

Regardless, I finally managed to force myself to paint some Revenants.  These are the least favourite of my skeletons in the KoW Undead army.  This meant I was less cautious about experimentation but really wasn't feeling the love.  The only part I enjoyed was building the standard bearer who has a Tomb Kings arm, some sort of 40k Servitor as a signum head and a plasticard pennon, lovingly melted by my own hand.

Right, should I start painting my spearmen next or continue fiddling with Microsoft Visual Studio in an attempt to appear knowledgeable and wise?