Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The care and feeding of Tyrannocytes

Tyrannocytes are an amazing new Tyranid genus and make great pets.  Following these simple steps will lead to a long and happy life for both you and your transport spore.

Your Tyrannocyte should be exercised regularly.  Remember that he is not an immobile pod and should be walked every day.  He is happiest when left to wander around the battlefield after disgorging his breakfast of Brain-Leeching-Devourer-Death upon your foes.

What do they eat?  Well the good news is that your new friend will eat pretty much anything with a pulse. He is particularly fond of squishy cultists and crunchy space marines.  Your opponent may want him to eat Heavy Bolters which is fairly disagreeable and anything with a 'Nurgly' tinge might give him indigestion.  Under no circumstances should you let him play with Tachyon Arrows, solid shot Railguns, Demolisher Cannons, or indeed any strength 10 weaponry for that matter.

Remember that these are monstrous creatures and significantly larger ones than other Tyranids in your menagerie.  You should give careful thought to his bedding and packing him in foam works best.  Although his posterior tentacles look spindly, they will adequately support him for regular activities and are robust enough to survive transportation and accidental dropping, as long as you have used plastic glue to 'weld' them in place.  If your Tyrannocyte is too big to fit in your transport case, you might want to think about keeping his top half unglued and separate from his bottom half.  This has the added benefit of being able to spontaneously mutate him into a 'Sporocyst'.

Your new pod pal plays well with others and you should always keep him company with a Dakkafex or a brood of Devilgaunts or, well, anything really except maybe gargantuan creatures or another pod.  Remember that your buddy is a transport pod and not just a dedicated transport either so you can change your mind about what to run him with at the start of a game if you want to or even run him solo.  He really is a most agreeable creature!

Toilet Training
The Tyrannocyte, sadly, does not have a very good aim and is somewhat incontinent in the shooting phase.  If you dont want him to make a terrible mess on the board, you should stick to Deathspitters.  It would be very unfortunate if his blast template scattered onto your own troops and accidentally vaporized them.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Grimdark Lego

Holy Throne, I'm going to have to buy several of these.  Not necessarily because of their usefulness on the tabletop; I've got plenty of proxies I could use.  No, I need to get lots of them because the possibilities are endless.  The Tyrannocyte is a sweet piece of kit.  Its like a Kinder Suprise with tentacles and horrid, carnivorous toys inside.  Its grimdark Lego at its best.  I spent most of Saturday just playing with the parts and fitting them together in strange combinations with blu-tac.  I've not even assembled the Spore Mines yet.  I think this might be better than the Mawloc/Trygon kit and I've put together some weird and wonderful conversions with that one in the past.

Air brakes deployed

I couldn't figure out how to magnetise the carapace 'air brakes' so that they can be used both open and closed.  I actually destroyed part of the body trying to make them 'retractable' and had to glue them shut to cover my mistake.  Thats ok, I'll just get another one and try again.

Air brakes retracted.  Which looks best? I can't decide!

I did muck around with the tentacles and the Sarlacc Pit maw at the top.  I've finally found a use for my Dark Vengeance cultists.  As food.

Chewie! Gimme the gun!   Hold still Lando...

In fact was about to order my second one when I saw the new Venomthrope/Zoanthrope/Neurothrope kit in White Dwarf.  Bugger me, its not even like the last sculpts were bad but these are almost too good to be true.

This Kinder Surprise contains chilled monkey brains

New hats for everyone!

Fear the Scrotinator!

What the hell is going on? First a new dual kit is released out of the blue, then our prayers are answered and Niddy drop pods launch a major offensive on my bank balance. White Dwarf starts printing useful content, then the Doom is resurrected along with freakishly wonderful Cthulhuthropes and now there is a full campaign book coming out with new Warlord traits and Formations.  The Tyranids might even win some real battles in it (gasp!). The front cover is better than our codex and simply awesome.  Could it be yet another new model?  Dare I hope that the Broodlord has been resculpted?  Shut up and take my money.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Lizardman with a Lute

Never let it be said that I shirk a challenge. When tasked by a young gentleman in our local GW store to convert one of his Lizardmen into a musician, I accepted readily. The fact that he voted for me in Armies on Parade has nothing to do with it. I am of course open to bribery of any kind, especially if it involves free bits of styrene. Just sayin'.

It was actually really enjoyable to make and I've done bugger all else this week apart from playing a game with my Nids.  Reserve bomb is back baby and I can confirm that 3 drop podded Dakkafexes are a lot of fun to play and very easy on your back.  It took me about 2 minutes to deploy, having reserved practically everything.  Of course, turn 2 lasted an age and my Comms Relay appears to be malfunctioning but my days of slogging across the board are over.

I've already ordered a Tyrannocyte and will no doubt spend many hours magnetising the shit out of it.  I've got to make those airbrake carapace sections open and close somehow.  It doesn't seem right to glue them.

Anyway, my young friend now has a lute playing lizardman in his army and hopefully I've modeled it to look as if he's actually playing.  Bonus points if you can guess what I used for his hands.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

C'tan conversion

This is probably a bad time to start getting into Necrons, what with all the anticipated Tyranid releases.  The Toxicrene/Maleceptor is out this weekend and I should be clearing the decks and breaking out the magnets. I even bought White Dwarf for the first time in nearly a year and I actually didn't regret it.

However I've been kicking around this conversion idea for a while now, so Necrons it is.  I decided to call it a 'Tesseract Cradle'.  Not entirely sure why, but its better than 'Tesseract Gazebo'.

The modelling opportunities for a Tessaract Labyrinth are a bit limited, given that its the size of a clenched fist and a huge Tesseract Vault would be noticed by my better half who would immediately conduct an audit of our joint bank account.  So this one is built out of a Triarch Stalker and the C'tan which comes in the Vault kit.  It has the added benefit of being able to fit in my model case.

In gaming terms, it could be used as either a Shard or a Transcendent.  The idea is that it was developed by the Necrons to conduct dangerous experiments on a live, manifest C'tan. Hence all the tubes and manacles.  I wanted to pose it hovering above it's prison, suspended by cables but my grey stuff wasn't really sturdy enough to provide a firm anchor.

In the end, I solved the problem by rolling gardening wire inside the grey stuff (above right) when using my tentacle maker.  It works really well and you can constantly make minor changes to the cables without worrying about it snapping or becoming damaged.  Really handy when you are trying to position a model in mid air with 9 different cables coming out of it.

No idea how I'm going to paint this one.  I don't want to use my Rusticrons scheme.  They are all senile and demented anyway, having been woken from stasis too early by an ancient catastrophe.  They wouldn't have the resources or the enterprise to engineer something like this.  Its likely that they stole it from a neighbouring dynasty.  But how?  Hmmm.