Monday, 26 October 2015

Stealth Trygon

So, as usual when I have a ton of painting to do, I lose interest or get distracted.  This is one reason to enter competitions.  It focuses the mind and provides a deadline; you get shit done.  When you only have a vague urge to complete a project, the temporising starts.

Whilst staring indifferently at my uncompleted Necron army the other day, I suddenly realised that what I really needed to do was throw my Trygon into a digestion pool and see what would be birthed on the other side.  It seemed a much more interesting activity than say, painting a squillion Necrons.

So I dismantled my fully built and half painted Trygon prime.  Because, you know, I really need Trygons.  I haven't played Nids for 6 months and I haven't fielded a Trygon for 3 years.  Nevertheless, it was imperative that I customise him immediately.  The poor bugger was boiled, snapped, sawn, fused and melted in a frenzy of procrastination. This is what I ended up with.  Needs a lot of green stuffing, methinks.

One unexpected benefit of this butchery is that the new pose has a much lower profile.  Modelling for advantage never looked so good (tails are invisible in 40k.  See page 14 'line of sight'.  We should model all our Tyranids as just wings attached to a tail).  I can actually hide the creature behind scenery and sneak him up the board.  This could change the face of Tyranid list building as we know it.  Stealth Trygon FTW!

In other news, I robbed young Fraser McConnell of victory at Armies on Parade on Saturday.  If his aunt and uncle had come in half an hour earlier to vote, I think he might have gotten gold.  Aside from the fact that his army was beautifully painted and I know his father very well, he was the only entrant who turned up in character, wearing a cape and muttering occasional curses in Skaven.  I feel like a monster.

 There was a rather tasty Ad Mech army there too.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Pimp My Ride

44 magnets, 20 nail heads, 3 steel plates and just a smidgen of aluminium putty.  My fully magnetised Necron Pimpmobile is built.  If I ever tried to take this to another country and went through airport security they would probably blow it up in a controlled explosion. "Whats in the bag, sir?  Never mind, we're going to detonate it, just to be sure."

Now witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battlestation

Drilling all the magnet holes had to be done by hand because I broke my Dremel.  This was fun.  My hand is still aching.  I used this YouTube tutorial (sans Dremel) as a guideline if you are foolhardy enough to want to repeat this experiment.

Oh, I'm afraid the Quantum shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive

I doubt that my opponents would allow such a travesty to make it to the tabletop but I'm sure the argument over points cost would be interesting.  So, I will reluctantly have to use it as either a Ghost Ark or a Doomsday Ark.  This is good because I can now run an Annihilation Nexus formation.

Drive me closer, I want to stop pointing at things

Do Necron players ever run anything except formations in a Decurion?  Seems inefficient to me but it does dissuade you from using some of the funky named characters (unless you want to take multiple HQs in a Royal Court).  I'd quite like to use Illuminor Szeras instead of an overlord as he potters around on spider legs and pokes around inside the brains of Eldar.  I think his rules are quite good too.  But then I would lose the army wide 4+ reanimation protocols which is a huuuge debuff. It occurs to me that everything is cheese unless you are running it in your own army.  Having said that, I've only won 1 game so far with a Decurion.

Been spending most our lives, livin' in the gangsta's paradise

Oh well, after all that faffing around, I'll probably only ever use it as a Ghost Ark.  The futuristic take on a human spine and rib cage is very clever I reckon.  Death motifs, gotta love 'em.  We should be thankful. At least they aren't skull faced warriors sculling about in a giant skull boat.

The ability to remove and/or fold the guns from/into the carriage makes transporting the model massively less frustrating.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Losing your bits

The Decurion Auto-Take

This week, I ha' been mostly painting Tomb Blades.  They are remarkably sturdy given their delicate construction and long flight stands.  Flight stands are rubbish most of the time.  They might be transparent but they don't exactly fade into the background and start to look really grubby and scratched almost immediately.  They are also very brittle and not designed for clumsy, ham fisted gamers to knock around the tabletop.  And what is that stupid bubble that always seems to form inside the stem?

Comes with a variety of options and plush, leather interior

I have managed to snap the flight stand off my second Ghost Ark now and I haven't even played a game with it.  Fortunately I have learned the hard way how to replace them.  First off, keep all the stems that you get in kits with flight stands.  You always get too many, usually of differing lengths allowing you to adjust the height of the model.  Also, don't glue them to the bases.  If you put too much glue on then they look awful and you'll never get the stems back out if they break.

Rust effect $99 extra

Having said that, if the stem is too narrow to fit snugly into the base or model, then you might have to use a bit of glue to widen it, but never glue it to the base imho.  Use the spares as replacements when you inevitably snap the damn vehicle off it's stand during a game.  Or you could just not bother with flight stands at all I guess.  I've seen a few gamers do this.  In fact, you know what?  Do what you want.  Its your hobby.

Oculus VR headset comes as standard

I also finished my first squad of converted(?) warriors.  I wanted to repose them in silent, uniform ranks as if in stasis or awaiting command.  So I chopped all their legs up and some of their arms.  I literally chopped up every joint in the leg, actually removing the kneecaps and reversing them to make the legs straight.

I wanna be a skybourne ranger..

This got really boring after a while.  I mean life threateningly boring.  Right up until the point where my scalpel clipped through a tiny piece of Necron leg and sent it spinning across the room into a murky, little used corner.  So I'm reposing the remaining 10 warriors in a kneeling position which requires much less dismemberment.

Knobbly Knees competition.  Pontins, Blackpool 1958

I don't recommend reposing Necron legs like this. Of course, if you enjoy crawling around on your hands and knees for half an hour searching amongst the fluff and detritus for a Necron kneecap (about 1.5mm in diameter) which pinged 15ft across the garage then by all means go for it.  If, on the other hand, you find this sort of activity distasteful then you could try Tripwire's relatively sane way to reposition necron warriors. I only read his blogpost after chopping up my warriors, so more fool me.

Awaiting orders

I now have a high beam camping penlight in my possession which I use to systematically quarter and search the floor area for lost model kit components.  I'm getting quite good at it.  Apart from that time when a Broodlord claw was actually stuck to my sleeve rather than on the ground.  Dave Weston's method of hoovering the carpet over the dropzone and inspecting the bag afterwards may also be quite effective (see the comments section of that post).

The old guard