Friday, 23 February 2018

Squaduary Complete

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  And sometimes it looks better in the morning.  I could probably tinker with them more but I'm calling my Squaduary done.  I decided to be a devilishly cool hipster and make up my own purple colour, not using a scheme in the Citadel Paint App.

So I went with Screamer Pink, Warlock Purple and Pink Horror with a Druchii Violet wash for the clothes.  This ended up looking sort of pink.  I checked the Paint App again (in the Pink section rather than the Purple) and sure enough, I had pretty much used the colour scheme for "Internal Organs".  Son of a bitch!

I've learned from hard experience that trying to 'fix' a colour scheme which you don't like often ends up making it worse.  I inevitably end up with a sort of "Bloodied Stool" colour (I believe Games Workshop calls it 'Dark Flesh' but achieves the effect with far less colours).  So I decided to leave well alone.

Interestingly, the hand grip for the Prince's mace was done with Khorne Red, Pink Horror highlights and an Agrax Earthshade wash.  It looks almost exactly the same (but better?).  I reckon that with a bit of tweaking (Reikland/Agrax mix?) I can achieve an old red leather look very quickly using this method, which might prove useful on other models.

The darker tones also had the effect of bleaching the bone effects so I had to pin wash between every fecking rib and joint with Rhinox Hide in order to improve the contrast.  The whole thing was becoming a chore by now and I decided to finish it there but they just seemed, I dunno, not quite right.

I experimented with some Typhus Corrosion and rust effects too but I'm not sure I like the way it clogs up the detail on the model (See the back of the Sepulchral Warden's shield).  It definitely needs to be used sparingly.  Anyway, they're done now and its time to move on.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Abort! Abort!

The test model wasn't a great success.  Or maybe it was, because I've decided to abort the planned colour scheme and do something else.  Actually I don't think it looks too bad in the picture but I've basically just given up on the recipe.  The base coat of Celestra/Ulthuan grey was ok with the Sepia wash but when I highlighted with White Scar it seemed way too white.  I used Flayed One Flesh on the real models below.

Come to think of it, they look pretty much the same in both pictures.  Oh well, it would appear that I was fussing over nothing. I don't have the purple colours specified in the recipe anyway so I'm just using what I've got for the cloth bits (Screamer Pink, Warlock Purple and Druchii Violet).  The HeroQuest model was naked so I had to practice these colours on the base.   I still haven't decided how to do the metallics.

This petitioner is definitely my favourite thus far.  But its interesting how you can change your mind as you paint the models, when other details get picked out that you hadn't really noticed before.

While I was uploading the photos from my phone I found this picture from a 40k game I had last week against Orks.  It made me smile, because that unit of Rippers held up the Deff Rolla for 2 turns (much to my opponent's consternation).  They must have hurled themselves into the gear mechanism and caused it to short out. Rippers are awesome.

Friday, 2 February 2018


I signed up for Squaduary over on Stepping Between Games.  I decided to paint up my Sepulchral Guard for Shadespire.  I was going to paint them up anyway but it took nearly nearly 4 months to finish Steelheart's Champions.  A grand total of 3 minis. This is a good way to add some urgency to the process.  The Guard are built and primed and there's an additional model from the old Heroquest board game I think.  I want to try out this paint scheme on them but it seems too easy so a test model will confirm whether it works or whether, like most attempts to emulate GW painters, it ends up looking like a dog's breakfast.

Inevitably, I've already been distracted by something else and assembled Carab Culln during the week.  Is it Dreadtober already?  I was automatically reaching for the magnets when it came to the shoulder and waist joints but I'm going to pin him instead. (what madness is this?)  The model doesn't have any weapon options and I'm happy with the pose. Plus I think I'd need something stronger than the usual 5 x 1 mm neomydium magnets and can't be arsed buying more.  That resin is quite heavy, comparatively speaking and I really don't want something dropping off him in the middle of a game and smashing on the floor.