Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Another Biovore Conversion

Suffering from a chest infection and can't summon the will to paint.  I had already finished another Biovore conversion from my spare Carnifex kit parts and decided to post how I did it.  These are the bits I used:

An old Warrior with his arms pulled off. A Stranglethorn Cannon + Crushing Claws from Carnifex kit and some spikes from the Trygon kit.  I also needed  a bigger base than the one supplied with Warriors.  I'm not actually sure what size a Biovore is supposed to use.  In this case I'm using a 60mm Dreadnought base.

You can get spare crushing claws from the Tervigon or Hive Guard kit too and Stranglethorn Cannons come with the Warrior and Hive Tyrant kits.  So its likely you have a few lying around.  Note that the Tervigon Crushing Claws are a little bit bigger than the others, but still usable.  Trygon spikes can be made out of sprues in a pinch and I've modified mine to make them bend over more.

I also boiled the Warrior body until it was pliable and bent his tail round.

I cut off the crest of the warrior head and carved the end to make it smaller and able to fit.  The front of the Crushing Claws were removed but I kept the top carapace side of one claw (middle claw in right pic above).  This becomes the 'backpack' for the barrel of the Stranglethorn Cannon to fit into.  I glued the Trygon spikes onto the end of the arms to create 3 'finger' claws.  I kept the small end of the original Crushing Claw as a 'thumb'.

I then spent a fair amount of time re-positioning everything and using blu-tac to test how it looked before gluing.  In this case, I wanted to straighten the arms out, but you don't have to (see my original conversions).  I also had to do a fair bit of carving on the back of the creature and the 'backpack' to make them fit snugly.  When in doubt I just slapped green stuff on to fill in gaps.  However, more patient and exacting converters could make it fit with just glue and a craft knife.

Forgot to mention, the unused holes for the second pair of arms are filled with Carnifex testicles toxin sacs

Finally, I clipped it's nails.  I wanted the end of the claws to look like they were sinking into the base.  The idea is that the Biovore uses it's huge front claws to secure itself firmly to the ground to lessen the recoil of the Spore Mine Launcher.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Brace of Carnifex

I sold some of my Grey Knights last week.  They were a failed experiment in playing an Imperial army and had not seen the tabletop for over a year.  Rather than leaving them to rot I sent them to a good home and cleared some storage space. I made a bit of cash, received mutterings of approval from the wife and felt good about myself.

I immediately spent the money on more models.

dems Dakkafex dem is

In my defense, I bought a Carnifex brood rather than just two single ones, thus saving a whopping $41 and I can kit bash 2 more Biovores using the spare parts.  This is how I justify the expense and pretend that I'm not lying to myself.

They're tiny in comparison to some of GW's recent releases.  How the mighty have fallen.

I briefly contemplated buying the Forgeworld Twin Linked Devourers which are very tasty, but settled on the age old method of gluing two Termagant devourers back to back.  I have over 60 of the beastly things still on the sprue so it seemed prudent.  I think I'll convert some of the others into Testiclids and turn my Harpy conversion into the bastard son of a Crone.

Forgeworld's lovely devourers. Get thee behind me, Satan!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Hannibal Lictor

Ok I've got that one out my system.  Time to actually do some painting of my army.  I don't even use Lictors in my list but I guess I could pass this one off as Deathleaper and try it out.  I've just checked and he is the 2nd cheapest HQ choice after the Tyranid Prime (5 points more expensive) and looks to be massively more fun.

Geneseed extraction commencing...

The 'Where is it?' rule is utterly hilarious against opponents with blast or template weapons and effectively makes him invisible.  Not sure how funny he would find 'Melta to the face' though...

Short back and sides.  Just a trim on top, please.
Anyway, it was a ton of fun to build and paint.  Painting the larger Tyranid MCs can be a bit of a chore and uses up all my paint, which is annoying because I'm a tight arse when it comes to paint. I only buy new pots when I specifically need a colour or have practically licked the last drop out of the old pot.  Occasionally I find a dried out one and it drives me nuts.

Should have shopped at SpecSavers (or looked at his Auspex more closely)