Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Where have all the magnets gone?

The slow trickle of Necrons continues.  This week I've only managed to finish the Overlord and the Canoptek Moth.  I made a start on other stuff including the Necron Battleforce.  Chopping all the legs up on 20 Necron Warriors and reposing them was fun but still taking it real easy.  I decided to magnetise the Ghost Ark to double up as a Doomsday Ark.

This will require a phenomenal amount of magnets which I had to beg, borrow and steal because all the local retailers in Wellington no longer sell them.  I couldn't find any of the Vallejo Air colours I wanted, decent paintbrushes were in short supply and Grey Stuff has been out of stock for so long that it has become a myth.   I can't blame the local shops because they have limited space, need to sell products in volume and all of these things are easily ordered on the internet.  I suppose I shouldn't complain that all manner of esoteric hobby supplies are readily available at the click of a button and delivered direct to your door but I'm old fashioned when it comes to shopping.  I enjoy chatting to the shop owners and other customers.  It gives me ideas.  I like to pick things up in my grubby little hands.  This is a tactile hobby dammit.  I savour the exquisite tension of a limited budget surrounded by an Aladdin's cave of plastic crack.

 Is it just me or are local retailers going the way of the dodo? In Wellington which is admittedly not a very big city, Gordon Harris art supplies has moved to smaller premises.  Modelcrafts and Hobbies has moved to a larger site but only uses half of the available floor space.  The other half of the shop is an empty wasteland cordoned off using the old awnings pulled down from the previous building.  Weird, and not very welcoming.

Games Workshop is still hanging in there but is surrounded by empty ghosts of coffee shops and dvd/cd outlets in Courtenay mall.  I'm willing to bet that they will relocate once their lease comes up and they have the choice of not remaining open 7 days a week and maintaining a 2 man shop.

Don't get me started on Hobby Stop.  If you aren't going to stock AK products, what is the point of leaving an empty display stand in plain view, highlighting all the weathering accessories that you don't sell?

Large Man: Who's that then?
Dead Collector: I dunno. Must be a king.
Large Man: Why?
Dead Collector: He hasn't got shit all over him.

The French Art shop is still ok but, on enquiring about magnets, the shop assistant actually showed me how to search for every conceivable neodymium magnet size that I could ever want really cheaply on TradeMe.  Its just odd I tell you.  I dunno, maybe I'm getting old.  I feel old and grumpy most of the time.  Thank the Star Gods its spring already and that yellow orb in the sky has started appearing occasionally.  What was it called again?  I was beginning to think the C'tan had eaten it.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rusticrons revisited

Slowly getting back into it.  The failed colour scheme has been completely replaced.


Rather than cleaning the models, I applied a solid coat of "White Knight Squirts" quick dry enamel silver over the top.  I think it cost about $9.  Preparation is everything, so I masked out the guns and the ammo pipes first with blu-tac.  That way I didn't have to repaint them.


Very happy with the results.  It was only a few hours work in total so I don't know why I didn't do it as part of the original speed painting Necrons project.

I've also nearly finished painting my Canoptek Moth conversion and was feeling very pleased with myself because I haven't bought any new Necrons since 2013 but, miraculously, had all the models to field a Decurion with 2 Canoptek harvests.

I was so pleased in fact, that I bought a Necron Battleforce to go with it.  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.  My Night Scythes are a bit shite now and the C'tan Shard is laughable for the points so more core troops might help. I might put a little more care and attention into the new models though.  It will have to involve magnets, surely.  Maybe some Flayed One kit bashes?

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Canoptek Moth

>Designation: Canoptek Spyder 
>Common Title: 'Moth'

>Species: Necrontyr 

Specimen deactivated

>Purpose: Primarily utilised for rapid response ship maintenance and repair but often employed in an offensive capacity. 

>Additional: Faster and more agile than the Spyder variant it is designed for zero gravity deployment. The distinctive 'antennae' which give rise to its name are actually a pair of highly flexible particle cutters, adept at both prising apart and welding shut hull plating. 

More lightly armoured than the Spyder, it carries a smaller payload of 'scarab' repair drones. 

Anterior mandibles: 26,000 psi. Cutter Rating A6

Carapace: unknown alloy

Thrust acceleration: 90 m/s2
>Notes: First discovered in ++censored++ sector, Ultima Segmentum at the battle of ++censored++ 5053892.M41 when a fleet of Moths attempted to 'reverse engineer' the ++censored++ Dauntless class light cruiser. Captain ++censored++ of the ##redacted## Astartes led a heroic sortie on the outer hull of the ship to eradicate the verminous menace.  Losses were ++censored++ and ++censored++ percent of the company ++censored++. Future attempts to ++censored++ should be approached ##redacted##.  In these, our darkest days, ##redacted## 

<<remaining record expunged>> 

aa/Interdict: Inquisitor Monkeychuka
Armament: Particle Cutters. Range 300m

>Appendment 03/2: The Emperor Protects! (datascroll ref: Xen/a/0023717) 

Thought for the day: 'The wages of sin is death' 

>end record