Monday, 23 July 2018

Captain Precarius

A bit of a hiatus but shit just got real in my life and I haven't had much time for hobbying lately.  Anyway, I am temporarily back in my comfort zone and its time to finish the Red Scorpions.  I've got until late September before the next tournament so still cruising.  Next cab off the rank is an HQ choice: Captain Precarius.

Not strictly legal in a tournament sense, (Primaris Captains can't take jump packs) I'm playing Captain Precarius as a shawty marine.  I could have used an actual assault marine to make this model but he would have looked like some sort of midget general amongst the towering Intercessors, Reivers and Hellbasters.  Additionally the model is a Sergeant, not a Captain, and he somehow managed to steal Grand Master Voldus' Inquisitorial Thunderhammer. A theft which I'm sure the Daemonhunters will find most perturbing.

Nevertheless, I'm pretty happy with this conversion.  Its not big or clever but there's something about the pose that reminds me of a superhero.  I want all my marines to be heroes.  I'm tired of playing the bad guys.  Of course I'm speaking relatively here since the noble Astartes have been known to brutally murder their human wards on occasion and drink their blood.

Ironically, I picked up a real Primaris Captain, for free, when GW Wellington had their anniversary (I don't want to think about how much money I had to spend to get it free).   He looks awesome and I suppose I could just stick a jet pack on his back but I've watched 'The Incredibles' and I know that flying superheroes and capes do not mix.  Plus, its such a nice model that I didn't really want to ruin it.  So I haven't even removed the shrink wrap yet.  I'll save it for a rainy day.

I find it a bit worrying that I've started naming my models.  Not all of them, but most of the characters I painted recently have been baptized along with one or two others. (My Necron Destroyer was inevitably named 'Conan').  In this case I couldn't think of anything as pithy as 'Slamguinius' or 'Captain Smashfucker', but 'precarious' seemed to fit nicely because it took about 10 attempts to make him stick to the Carnifex head. 

He is now essentially welded on with plastic glue and I even considered pinning him.  I just need to learn to leave well alone and let the glue fully dry before fiddling with the model again.