Sunday 22 February 2015


Meanwhile, back in the warm, uterine embrace of the Hive Mind, more servants of The Great Devourer have been spawned.  

Wednesday 18 February 2015


Canoptek Wraiths are now even more OP with the release of the new Necron codex.  Therefore it is necessary to spam the shit out of them.  Unfortunately I only have 9 of the models and 3 of those are the old metal versions (I call them Wraithlings).  They're about half the size of the newer plastic and look stupid when mixed in a unit.  Plus, they don't have whip coils.  However, needs must as the devil drives...

Tuesday 10 February 2015

Harness the What?

So I'm confused.  Having just bought my Necron Datacards, I noticed Objective 56 which reads:

Am I going mad?  Do Powers of the C'Tan count as Psychic Powers?  Is this all a cosmic joke?

Sunday 8 February 2015

GWF Smackdown - Shrikes vs. Wraiths

Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight's Battle of the Paint Station pits the mighty Tyranid Shrikes vs. the All New Canoptek Wraiths!

Charlie's Angels

The Shrikes are finished and I finally have a 'winged host'.  Well, actually, I don't have any sky slasher swarms and come to think of it they aren't troops anyway, so it would be impossible to field a fully winged, battle forged, Tyranid army.  The fast attack slots would be a bit crowded too.

Good morning, Angels

Sunday 1 February 2015

Shrikes WIP

For someone who professes to dislike Tyranid Warriors, I seem to build and paint enough of them.