Sunday, 8 December 2019

Khorne Cares Not

Blood for teh blood god et cetera et cetera! I spent a lot of time mucking around, editing videos in Blender instead of finishing this model off.  I recommend watching a few tutorials first if you're going to use it.  In fact the learning curve is pretty horrific when you're a complete noob.  Just figuring out how to export the video was perplexing.  I also completely missed the difference between a soft cut (K) and a hard cut (shift-K) in the tool and got myself into a terrible mess.  Fortunately the internet community is very good about teaching you.

I found a cool soundtrack on the creative commons.  Its a merry little tune by JVNL called 'Demon' which seemed appropriate.  I couldn't be bothered learning how to splice audio in Blender so I added some chainsaw effects with Audacity.  The finished result is a bit rough around the edges but I'm rather proud of it.

My potato PC takes around 15 mintues to render a 2 minute video which means that most of my mistakes were compounded by having to wait a quarter of an hour before discovering that it looked awful and needed editing.  This became quite frustrating and so the length of the video was shortened.  But I slowly got the hang of it and can now cut and splice video, add a soundtrack, as well as doing timelapse, text titles and cross fade. I think I've levelled up from 'Initiate' to 'Novice'.  Not bad for someone who never reads instructions (until it goes catastrophically wrong, that is).  Instructions are like spoilers anyway.  They give away the ending and who knows where your chaotic, half-arsed journey would have taken you otherwise?

I thought it was worth mentioning the blood effects.  It was a bit experimental but I'm mostly happy with how it turned out.  UHU glue is wonderfully sticky and icky but it's too plastic and doesn't keep its shape.  I tried adding human hair to simulate rivulets of blood streaking off the chain blades.  But  was too straight and you can't sculpt UHU.  Not really.  You just have to stretch it and dribble it and hope it looks alright.  I uhmmed and ahhed for a bit and then gave up.  Later, I was brushing my fat, ginger cat, Ronald because it's coming into summer and he is shedding bright orange fur all over the furntiture.  The little bastard does it deliberately.  I wondered what cat fur dipped in Blood for the Blood God would look like.  It seemed legit, so I tried it out (I removed it from the cat first. In a humane manner.)  You can get some weird, streaking patterns with it which I really liked but cutting all the excess hair away was a nightmare (not to mention pretty gross).  So by the time I'd stuck it to the model, it didn't look quite as organic.

Also, Blood for the Blood God technical paint sprayed on with an old toothbrush (touched up with a detail brush) is really good. But it seemed fairly dull when it dried out sometimes.  I wanted my kill to look fresh.  I spotted a bottle of red lacquer in a hobby shop and thought I'd give it a coat over the top.  That turned out well and really adds a gloss shine.  I wanted it to look bestial and obscene.  I have no idea how a chainsaw functions in reality but the opposing movement of the chains is designed to literally rip you apart if this daemon engine decides to kiss you.

So there you have it.  Sawberus unleashed! It will probably take me another six months to complete the next Armiger and I'm going back to the UK for Christmas so not much hobbying expected in the next month.

Lastly, I added a banner to my blog.  I've been using the simple text banner for nearly 9 years now.  "Hell, it's about time." as Tychus Findlay once said.  Actually, I commissioned my son to do it for me. He's studying film and animation and I've been paying for his education up until recently (student loan time!), so I'm glad to see some return on my investment.  I'm very pleased with his work and even paid him for it. (He casually informed me that it was super easy to do and even I could have figured it out. Smart-arse.)

Sunday, 1 December 2019

Sawberus Unremembered

I was reading the air freshener bottle label whilst idly sat on the toilet the other day.  It said, "Immerse yourself in intoxicatingly sensuous jasmine" at the top of the blurb, and I thought to myself 'This was written by a worshipper of Chaos.  I just know it.  There's a Slaaneshi cultist lurking somewhere in the Avon factory, making up innappropriate tag lines and advertising jargon.  These are the fucking end times, dude'.

Anyway, speaking of Chaos, I haven't been completely idle and I am semi-diligently working on my latest Hellforged abomination.  I made the base last, obviously, because dicking around, trying to pin a fully painted model onto its base positively reeks of professionalism.  But I managed it, in the end, without too much fuss and only a modicum of cursing.

Then I realised that I had absolutely no clue how to paint the damn thing and had completely forgotten the recipe.  Trawling back through previous posts wasn't much help at all.  I knew I had based it with Zhandri Dust and used Brass Scorpion at some point along with glazing medium.  And that was about it.  So I'm writing it down with pictures this time.   Its not the same as the original (of course it isn't!) but I'm ok with it.

The base tiles are different this time anyway.  I ran out of thick plasticard to use as the marble slabs, so I ended up sawing a bit of terrain up.

And lashings of Reikland Fleshshade Glaze! (not shown here)
Sorry, Alistair, but if you ever want the Secret Weapon miniatures Urban Streets board back, it might have a couple of holes in it.  I'll make it up to you, promise.  You probably don't even remember gifting it to me, so I'm being a bit stupid even mentioning it on my blog.  I shaped it and filed it down so it doesn't even look like the board tile.  The tiles were of a similar size to the knight, so I thought I could get away with it.

One man and his dog

Regardless, it's not finished yet.  Not by a long shot.  The original idea was to cover it in gore.  I meant to drown that fucker in claret.  I wanted it bearded in blood.

Here, Shep! Here, boy!

Now I'm not so sure.  I think I should at least practice on a test model or something before committing.  I tried using an old toothbrush and pot of Blood For the Blood God against the wall and the results were promising.  But it could go horribly wrong.  Not that Khorne will care.

C'mon, boy!  Fetch!