Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Tentacles for the tentacle god

I made about twenty tentacles for this one.  So many that they didn't all fit in his mouth.  On balance, I think I love tentacles more than magnets.  I removed about half which is slightly disappointing, but you can have too much of a good thing.  At the end of the day, its supposed to be a mouth, not a jellyfish.

I wanted to do something like my Portal of Despair (in the background below) but took a slightly different approach.  I still embedded gardening wire inside some of the green stuff for stability but didn't apply the extra tendrils wet.

It's very fiddly and they often start drooping or you can accidentally stick them together, ruining the effect and having to roll more.  Instead I just 'cured' them straight for a couple of hours until they could be handled without impressing fingerprints. They were then curled into interesting shapes and I let them fully dry on a scrunched up paper towel.  It was much easier to position them using blu-tac and I just green stuffed the bases into place once I was happy with the arrangement.

It went much faster than earlier attempts so I'll probably keep this technique if I find anything else I want to 'tentitaclize'.

Still having fun with Nids and the new codex.  I tried 40 Genestealers with Swarmy in a pod which is almost pornographic but I tended to peak too soon and go all flaccid when it really mattered.  So I've been switching it up. A Kronos firebase with Kraken assaulters is a pleasing combo but I've become insatiably hungry for Command Points and those lovely stratagems they provide.

I'm currently running a Brigade detachment at 1500 points (shit yeah!) which is an all Kronos gunline with buckets of chaff.  Hilarity ensues!  Anyway, I should get on and finish this Haruspex.  I tried it out in a test game and it sucks so I'll probably be using the Exocrine head for this model going forward.  Shame really, I like how this is turning out.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Making Amends

I finally caved in and bought the Tyranid codex.  The rational human being in me wants to continue playing Space Marines.  I dropped a fair amount of cash on that new army and it probably suits my playstyle better.  But I appear to have fallen within Synapse range of Hive Fleet Monkeychuka and there's nothing I can do except grit my teeth and make small, mewling noises.

I'm trying to find a unit in the book which is bloody useless but I can't do it.  Pyrovores are viable.  (FFS?!)  Ok, they're not auto-take but, at the very least, I could use them as the cheapest unit in the elites slot to fill out a Brigade detachment.  And I'm going to need plenty of CPs because the Stratagems are a thing to behold and can turn lowly Gargoyles or Termagants into tidy killing machines.  Coupled with the Hive Fleet adaptations, the options are endless.  Massive hordes, close combat specialists, static gunlines, reserve bomb,  Nidzilla,  flyer lists, ground pounders, psyker heavy, anti-psyker.  Its all there.  I don't think there are any sniper units but you can deliberately miss with Biovores and do all sorts of weird shit.

Its all quite fluffy as well.  Slain units explode in a shower of acidic blood.  Lictors act as sort of forward observers/silent assassins.**  Skittering Hormagaunts overrun enemy lines. Trygons burst up out of the ground with legions of critters in their wake. The Haruspex gobbles up infantry and is as tough as a battle tank.  Exocrines are fearsome, static artillery.  Hive Tyrants are mutated into exotic genera in order to fulfil specific roles.  Also, I kept all of my Infestation Nodes and Genestealers can actually use them!

Malanthropes increased in cost which means Venomthropes have a role to play (annoyingly I only own two and they come in broods of 3 now.  Well played GW, well played!).  I can't really complain about Shrikes even though they were completely dropped from the codex.  I can still use the Index dataslate for them, except now they can be designated 'Hive Fleet Kraken' allowing them to fall back, shoot and charge.  This might be the best they've ever been and they aren't even in the book!  Even my Ymgarls are useful because they have different heads, allowing me to identify the stealers with acid maws in a brood (Yeah I know they aren't actually acid maws.  Screw you, hippy!)

The Hive Mind has compelled me to start building/painting Nids again.  As an added incentive, my colour scheme is my own and I can be Hive Fleet Whatever-I-like!  So, apart from procrastinating, I've been literally dusting off old models and taking inventory.

For some reason, I dismantled all my Exocrines and threw them in a box.  This is not entirely rational behaviour.  I have a vague memory of wanting to see what a Haruspex looked like with its mouth closed.  Its all very hazy.  Anyway, I don't think Haruspexes are half-bad nowadays so I'm going to rebuild him.  Better.  Stronger.  Faster.  We have the technology.  When in doubt, get your tentacles out.

** - nerfed!  Lictors are basically useless again in matched play.  Welcome to the Tyranid FAQ baby!