Monday, 28 May 2018

Cosmic Powers

Pewter is a surprisingly difficult colour to paint and you don't see many examples.  The reason may be that they made models out of pewter in the ancient mists of time.  You could just varnish it and call it done but you would be unlikely to win any prizes.  A more likely explanation is that painting things the colour of lead is deathly boring.  It doesn't help that the original model of this C'tan shard was cast in white metal and so most people at a tournament will assume that I'm just a slacker.

At any rate, The Nightbringer is finished which means that I have to include it in my list.  Strategy is for the weak.  I had to drop a Doom Scythe from the army to fit him in.  This meant that there was little point in utilising the Sautekh Dynasty keyword which was mainly chosen because it allowed Doom Scythes to hit on 3s with the death ray.  I chose Novokh instead because a dynasty trait called 'Awakened by Murder' sounded awesome.

Since the Novokh trait benefits units in melee only I decided to take more scarabs.  So the Tomb Blades were dropped along with some warriors.  By this time, my army was a completely untested, hot mess so I just submitted the list to the T.O. and to hell with it!  If I can just finish the Heavy Destroyer conversion it will be worth it.

In other news, Rory created a digital model for 6 Necron objective markers and gave me a copy which is awesome.  He threw in some Tyranid ones as well.  How cool is that? They are currently at the printers.  You can get stuff 3D printed at the library now.  In fact, I'm not sure anyone actually reads books at the library these days.  They mostly hang out in the cafeteria area or the IT lounge or avoid the library altogether and just download audio books on OverDrive.

Unfortunately these new mini monolith objective markers mean more things to paint before the tournament, so I'd better get a move on.  I have to use them, it would be rude not to.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Adaptive Subroutines

 So, the up and coming Maelstrom XI tournament is in three weeks time and I still have to paint:
1 Carab Culln the Risen
1 Culexus Assassin
10 Tac Marines
1 Thunderfire Cannon
1 Techmarine Gunner
1 Primaris Ancient
1 Razorback twin lascannon

Fortunately, I'm so bone idle I haven't submitted my list yet.  I'm not even sure when the deadline is to be honest.  It was pretty clear that my army wasn't going to be finished in time and I really didn't want to rush it anyway.  The thought of taking grey plastic to a tournament fills me with visceral horror so a back up plan was needed.

Having played all of two games with Necrons in 8th edition (and losing both) I have decided it would be a good idea to use them.  I'm not sure what unhealthy impulse drove me to pick up the soulless robots.  (I've had my eye on the Forgebane box for a while now, so maybe that was it). I absolutely should have taken Tyranids but my list was basically Flyrant and Hive Guard spam which just did not get me excited for some reason.  Plus they're all painted so no hobbying to be done.   So I went with the Necrons. 
Pie Jesu Domine

The new codex seemed to have some interesting combinations and I wanted to try out my C'tan Shards.  I reckoned that I'd only have to paint two or three models (a smashed up Imotekh/Cryptek and The Nightbringer) so it would give me a nice easy run in preparation for the event.  All of the unfinished models were finecast, which was a bit of a downer and I'd much rather have the cool, new, skateboarding Cryptek in my army but it seemed a shame to let the old guard rot in hobby limbo for another five years.

Shake ya booty!

I don't think he turned out too badly in the end.  However, by this time, I was list building and wanting to try out new stuff.  I quite enjoyed using the new C'tan rules and big blobs of warriors are as resilient as ever.  They don't kill very much though.

My initial outing against Rory's Orks was predictably a bloodbath.

A deep dive into the bits box revealed that I could cobble together 3 Heavy Destroyers.  I much preferred their no-nonsense, almost spartan use of dice.  They only get 1 shot each but you can re-roll everything with a bit of trickery and burn large, neat holes straight through most tanks.

No!  I'm Alpharius!

So that meant that I would have to convert and paint another 3 models and I decided that, while I was at it, I could spruce up the Doom Scythes too.  I completely edge highlighted one of them in a frenzied, neurotic evening session.  The results were probably not worth the effort (see old vs. new side by side below) but I felt much better.

The base was looking a bit tatty and monochrome though.  So I threw some Agrellan Earth on it.  I didn't want to get rid of the green crystals so I just blobbed the technical paint around them in a sort of spiky pattern.  I'm quite pleased and surprised with the results.  Its almost like I just forgot to finish them last time round.

I'm busy converting one of the destroyers and actually looking forward to painting it.  I should still be able to finish the Red Scorpions in time for Fields of Blood in September, but more importantly I'm still cruising.

Thursday, 10 May 2018


I finished this yesterday but then became violently ill.  I'm off work sick and can't be arsed writing anything.  Hopefully the pictures will do the talking.  The word 'Purge' has a whole new meaning today...

Thursday, 3 May 2018

This week I ha' bin mostly...

Video games will eventually bring about the fall of civilisation.  I went to see Ready Player One the other week and was gushing like a school girl (the segment set in Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' was bloody brilliant).  Someone was prattling on about the dystopian, plutocratic future portrayed in the film but my son and I were too busy Googling "omni-directional treadmill" to notice.  A virtual world where I can be Raziel from Soul Reaver and my boy can be a Phase-Shifter pilot from Titanfall? (I think the other one is just going to be Halliday).  Where I can completely lose myself in immersive unreality? Shit yeah, sign me up!  Credit is good these days, we'll just get a third mortgage!

Sadly, this frame of mind was not helpful when it came to hobby time.  The Stormtalon should have been finished weeks ago and its not even close.  A depressing state of affairs which could only addressed by playing video games and trying not to think about it.  I finished The Last Guardian and Horizon Zero Dawn (well, the story line anyway) on the PS4 in under a week but courageously managed to stop playing Mechwarrior Online when my premium time ran out.  So that was ok but what about the Space Marines?  At this rate, the army won't be finished in time for Maelstrom XI.  I decided it was time for some retail therapy.

After reading the Big FAQ I felt peversely compelled to buy Assassins.  I only bought two because that way I can't take them in a Vanguard detachment and I have to sacrifice a command point to list them as auxilliaries.  I've always considered myself a glass-is-half-empty kind of guy but deliberately buying understrength, freshly nerfed units is borderline psychotic.  Its not like I ever considered taking Imperial soup before the FAQ.  I started to assemble the Eversor Assassin but an image of Skeletor on the toilet kept flashing through my mind and I knew that if I didn't stop and hide the model, I would end up starting a very foolish conversion.  I really like the Culexus Assassin however. Such a cool, iconic profile and he looks fun to play in games too.  An evil little bogeyman, stalking enemy psykers and freaking them out with his complete lack of psychic signature and funny eye.

I also reconfigured one of my Razorbacks with lascannons plus hellfire missile (thanks Rory!) and converted a Primaris sergeant into a Thunderhammer Jump Pack Captain (thanks Hagen!).  I was so annoyed with the sergeant's bare head that I cut the helmet clipped to his belt off and re-attached it to his neck with the help of some grey stuff.  Hagen gifted me several different shields and I found the Custodes one intriguing but I think I'll go with the vanilla stormshield in the end.  I just need to stop playing videogames before they ruin my life or become so immersed in one that I don't care if my life is ruined.