Monday, 28 October 2019


I bought one of those turntable things from a model shop the other day.  Which felt a bit weird.  Almost like buying dirty magazines from my squalid newsagent down the road, years ago.  "Ooooh! Does Sir like to look at his models from every angle? Does he? Hmmm?  Does he like to make them ride on a pedestal? Ooooh, suit you sir!".

The 'Solar Spinner' is a rotary display stand made by Fascinations (wonders created by physicists). After the initial embarrassment wore off, I became captivated with the thing.  It's solar powered and I can't find a way to turn it off.  You can change the direction of the spin, but not stop it.  It works under flourescent lights and spotlamps too.  So it just spins round and round forever.  Unless I put it back inside the box.  But then I can't see it so I don't actually know whether it is still spinning or not.  Sort of like Schrödinger's cat.  It's about as interesting as watching things in a microwave, which is to say, vacuously mesmerising.

This is an opportune moment to see if I can upload videos to Blogger.  Never tried it before.

Sunday, 20 October 2019


Well its probably time for a blog post intervention.   I've been playing Steam games more or less obsessively for 3 months now.  A necessary escape hatch from the pressures of work but I need to stop before the psychosis kicks in.  Playing No Man's Sky is no longer healthy for me.

I attempted to arrest the compulsive feedback loop of sitting in a Trading Post for hours on end, waiting for a better ship to land so I could buy it.  But even binge watching an entire season of Altered Carbon in one night before falling into a drug induced coma during the final episode didn't help.  Some of my friends are trying to get me to resubscribe to 'World of Warcraft: Classic' which is only making things worse.  I thought I was well and truly over that particular nasty habit.

So I cleaned up the garage and my bomb-crater of a paint station and what with the warmer weather coming in I determined to do something (anything) productive.  Time to convert some Armiger Warglaives from the Forgebane set which has been sitting in a corner gathering dust for an innappropriate length of time.

The trouble is that enforced hobbying does not really get the creative juices flowing.  Thats the whole point of a hobby really.  You shouldn't have to do it.  When you have to do it, then its just work.  But my interest was finally piqued so I trolled the internet for ideas.  And eventually hit paydirt.  My intial attempts consisted of:




And then I spotted this on Facebook:

Fuck, yes!
 As an ardent Horizon Zero Dawn fan, I heartily approve of this model.   It's a pretty inspired version of a Watcher, the reconnaissance outriders of the machine swarm.  Nick Gralewicz converted it and you can see more pictures here.  I didn't want to replicate it entirely because I'm such a whiny special snowflake, but strangely I have most of the parts.  I'm saving that Maulerfiend torso for something spidery or eldritch horrory though (either that or I'll forget about it entirely in the course of time).  I also wanted more pointy bits than a Watcher and thought it would be interesting to try out a different Chaos God.  I think I've settled on Khorne for this one.

It doesn't get much more Khorne than a fucking walking chainsaw, surely?  I feel I should emphasise this point with copious quantities of arterial gore.  I'm getting ahead of myself though.  I need to do something about those God-awful, clunky feet first.  And then there's the tail.  I should probably bulk out the hips too.  And maybe some goofy T-Rex claws at the front.  And weapons, its got to have more weapons; this is 40k for Emprah's sake.

I shall love him and pet him and squeeze him and his name shall be 'Sawberus'.