Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Riders On The Storm

I forgot to give her a sword.  So now she's got one.  I wouldn't class it as a relic or even master-crafted weapon but rules don't matter on this model so it is a venial sin rather than a mortal one.  A venial sin only weakens the soul.  In order to atone for my sins I imposed a penance of 'no converting' on the rest of the marines in the army.  

This did not work out well.  I didn't actually kitbash or convert the Outrider models themselves but all my Red Scorpions are themed with Tyranid base decorations.  So adding a few Genestealer skulls wasn't breaking the rules as far as I was concerned and it only got slightly out of hand.  I built one of the Outriders in the stock pose at least.  He reminds me of Judge Dredd and that's good enough.  Cruising through the mean streets of Mega City One, administering justice with his Lawgiver set to 'High Explosive'.  He's tough, but fair. Sheriff Woody on warp dust.

Which brings me on to my attempt at a textbook slide-pivot U-turn on an all-terrain Astartes ground bike.  This one's right out of the manual. Performed in order to rapidly change direction on rough, confined terrain.  

It can also unbalance an encroaching enemy and avert disaster by diamond hard chitin.  Any attempt to disable/dismember said enemy whilst performing this maneuver displays both flair and overconfidence.  

Genestealers have six limbs, each capable of instantly killing an unarmoured opponent.  This is in addition to rabid jaws and a prehensile tongue, tipped with a fate worse than death.  A bolt through the skull should be sufficient to dissuade them.

In a similar vein, it can be seen that rash behaviour when confronted by overwhelming hordes of insignificant Ripper Swarms will often have dire consequences.  Static cannonades from fixed line squads are much more effective.  <<CHAPLAIN INTERJECT : Bellowing 'For the Emperor!' whilst impetuously charging the foe is in fact Codex Compliant>>.  

I think the Forgeworld Ripper Swarm works very well here as the worlds most expensive base decoration.  I feel the need to to add more Rippers.  I've started pulling them off existing, finished bases.  It ain't right, I tell ya.  

What the hell, it might finally motivate me to atone for the Forgeworld unmentionables I was ill-advised to purchase in a moment of weakness about 3 years ago.  I might even get round to painting them. One of them at least.