Monday, 6 May 2019


I did practically nothing on the knight for 2 weeks then had a marathon session with it today.  I think I might be a manic depressive.  Anyway, its still not done but I'm going to get some pictures out there before GW releases a proper Chaos knight and I realise that all those fiddly bits are already modeled in the new kit.

I think I like him better with the pauldrons off.  I've tarted the shoulder mountings up with some magnets and bits so that it doesn't look like I lost part of the model.

I added some mechadendrites at the back made using Tyranid and Necron tech.  There's a few bits and pieces on the model now, forbidden technology gleaned from illicit research into Xenos heresy.

Of course the main whiff of corruption comes from Chaos.  I bottled it when it came time to sculpt/plasticard the carapace.  I just dremeled off the fleur-de-lys decoration and turned a few armor pieces upside down.   I did pare down the front to make it more curvy and painstakingly cut out the maulerfiend carapace before mounting it on the door.  I'm not sure how the pilot is going to get in.  There probably isn't a pilot anyway and this is more daemon engine than mech-warrior.

I ended up sculpting much of his innards which can be viewed through the missile rack doors and exhaust ports. Hopefully I can get the red light (well, all the lights) to work better.

I estimate that I'm going break it down into 33 sub-assemblies for painting.  I might have to have a video-game binge to prepare me for this.