Monday, 29 June 2020

Devil in the detail

This took far longer than it should have done.  I'm going to put it right up there with new Guilliman model in terms of being a fiddly nightmare to paint.  I wanted it to be intricate and baroque but seeing the finished product I reckon I went too far.  The base in particular is very busy and a lot of the detail is obscured.  It's difficult to tell what is actually going on.  The idea is that he is locked away in a remote, forgotten corner of the Imperium performing unethical experiments on a Canoptek Scarab.  

I should have left it at that but just kept adding more and more stuff.  He is utilising proscribed texts and has some daemon familiars helping him out under the watchful eye of the servo skull.  Taking notes with a quill pen and ink as well as keeping a fire extinguisher handy along with his trusty Volkite blaster in case things go wrong.  I even threw a spanner in the works.

But you can't even see the Scarab unless you look at the model from a very specific angle.  If I'm trying to tell a story with a vignette like this, its important to actually tell the story rather than saying, 'ooh look how teeny-tiny the details are!  How clever I am!'.  The end result has too much going on and doesn't draw the eye to a focal point like a painting would.  It's all over the place.

Despite this, I still like the model.  Its a cross between a mad scientist and a wizard and sort of painted itself.  I didn't really plan it out or think too much.  The spell book he is perusing was inspired by the Necronomicon from Evil Dead and I painted it in one session, with no do-overs or mistakes.  If I'd stopped to think about it, the whole thing would have taken days.  I started painting the cogitator and immediately realised that it was just a Sinclair Spectrum 48k with a few modifications (more 80's references. The Space Hulk C.A.T. is from 3rd Edition but it's still Space Hulk).

Maybe the little nurgling should have been green but he is leaning out to grab green Tyranidy bits whilst holding on to the tail of the greenish book familiar for balance, so I chose to paint him red.  Aside from that, I didn't really think about the colour scheme and all the practice of painting 30 odd Skitarii was extremely helpful.

So I kind of like it, despite the fact that I have a tournament in 3 weeks and no hope in hell of being ready now. There's a lot of me in this model, and not just the 80's references.  I always wanted to be a sorcerer, conducting absurd and fairly pointless experiments whilst procrastinating endlessly. There's a lot going on but much of it is irrelevant or unnecessary.  A whirl of ideas with no focus, fuelled by inner demons who pluck little pustules of evil out of the basement of the subconscious and fling them into the mix.

Saturday, 13 June 2020

The Eagle Has Landed

Surprise model of the week.  I only picked this one up on Thursday.  Games Workshop have re-opened their Wellington store and Nathan was busy setting up the gaming tables when I popped in.  I didn't stay for a game of course, because I'm a miserable bastard (and it was my lunch hour).  

I figured that if I was going to make an ornithopter then I should make it birdlike.  I think opinions are divided on the Archaeopter.  Maybe it looks a bit too Jules Verne or steampunk.  A little too dorky to be an instant hit.  But I think it's a really interesting model and opinions are always divided on the AdMech releases.  I'm still not sure whether I like Kastelans and the hovercraft are a bit strange for my tastes.  I suppose that's what the aesthetic is.  Marmite models. Love them or hate them.

Anyway, I'm glad the shops were open and there was new plastic crack to feed upon because I've run out of ideas for the spider dunecrawler. The similarly costed Archaeopter allows me to drop it from my list and finally put a Slaaneshi model in the mix.  I wanted to have a Chaos undivided theme, so all 4 gods must be represented.  It probably doesn't have nearly enough teats to satisfy the devotees of  'She Who Thirsts', but I don't feel very sexy at the moment.

Still a work in progress but I don't want to do too much more with it.  I might have made it too birdlike.  But then a lot of my vehicles have dynamic, animal poses and I enjoyed tinkering with this one.  A working title could be, 'The Budgie of Slaanesh'.

Sunday, 7 June 2020

Inertia Creeps

I think I'm having a bit of an existential crisis. Covid19 lockdown produced feelings of total apathy in me.  I'm an introvert (or at least I thought I was) who indulges in mostly solitary pastimes and I didn't think it would make much difference to be honest.  I was scared shitless for about 3 days when I thought I was going to lose my job for the duration but they set me up for home working at the last minute.  

A huge relief but having no real structure to the day or change in environment means that work and leisure seem to blur endlessly into a general sense of unease. "Should I be working now?  Should I have stopped working now?  Will anyone even notice?  How many people died today?"

I descended into Nurglesque sloth.  By the time Easter was over, I wasn't even sure what day it was.  I never thought I'd say this but I'm desperate to go back to work. Added to that, the virus has affected my immediate family back in the UK quite dramatically.  

There was nothing I could do, they closed all international borders in March, but it didn't stop me from feeling guilty.  Suffice to say, I didn't get much hobby time in. Eventually I stopped feeling sorry for myself and started hobbying in an effort just to feel normal. Painting for an hour every other night eventually turned into two or three hours and I had a good session today to finish him off.  Maybe there is something to self discipline after all.

It definitely made me feel better and was much more productive than playing Avorion compulsively or poring over Worldometers stats.  At least the pandemic seems to be winding down a bit now.  Next up, The Great Depression. Or Wave Two.  Reminds me of a line from 'Inertia Creeps', a Massive Attack song: "Been here before. Been here forever".

Anyway, I don't think he looks like Darth Maul any more.  He reminds me of Thumper in 'Bugs Life' now that he's painted up.  Completely demented. Fueled by insanity and stripped of his humanity by constant 'self enhancement'. 

He capers into battle on a weaponised chassis, cutting a fine figure of a cyborg.  Part man, part machine, part grasshopper.  I'm sure he will make an excellent general.  I'm going to have to call the other tech priest 'Bambi' now.

I might go back to converting before tackling the other one.  Or maybe do something completely different for a while.  Going out for bike rides definitely helps too.