Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Necron Drive-By

I couldn't resist it.  I had to buy a Ghost Ark as well.  Its such an excellent model that my life felt empty and joyless without it. It was satisfyingly complex to build and paint too.  I dutifully followed the instructions right up to the part where it said "we recommend painting this assembly before the next stage".  Screw that.  I just glued the bugger together and blu-tacced the warrior carcasses in place.  I wanted to play with it, dude.  Its a toy, dammit!

Of course, I've broken the flight stand already and the bloody thing wobbles about all over the place.  I'm thinking of nailing it on.  I have also discovered that Vallejo Model Air metallic Steel is the most awesomest paint.  This was entirely by accident since I ran out of Army Painter primer and was frantically casting around for something to replace it with.  It actually works with an airbrush medium and doesn't clog the nozzle.  Yes, I know its meant to work with an airbrush but I was too dense to try it out.

They see me skimmin'.  They hatin'

Thats it now.  No more Necrons.  I will resist the urge to buy anything until Tyranids come out in January and I have a nerdgasm all over the keyboard.  I had a minor tantrum when all the rumours about a December release turned out to be unfounded and I still can't find my dummy.  Have your 'Hobbit' release, Emperor damn you!  I refuse to buy homoerotic elves!

I can't wait for it to get blasted off the table in Turn 1!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hell hath no fury

The bases are dry at last and now I'm done.

A unit   cluster  pod  murder of Wraiths
Wasn't sure about the dark green, but its too late now.

Lean, green, fighting machine! (Warning: product contains yellow)
We'll take that objective marker back now.  Alien filth.

Necron dimensional physics allow for some very original flying formations

So I finish painting the Necrons and immediately break my non-losing streak. Finally, I have something to complain about.  Alistair's upstart Tau Empire.  I pretty much knew what to expect from Riptides and their Ion Accelerator greater goodness.  If memory serves, that was the last time I ever played with Paladins.

As a lazy gamer, I've not come up against Ethereals before (is it EtherEEl? or EthEEreal?). The little blue guy in a dress didn't look particularly menacing.  He was hiding behind some sniper drones and a couple of squads of Fire Warriors.  I reckoned that if I could get even 1 or 2 Wraiths and the Destroyer Lord into combat, they would tear through them like a wet paper bag.  Queue: 'Invocation of the Elements' and the 'Storm of Fire' rule.  The clue is in the name really. "Fire". "Storm".  The Destroyer Lord was transformed into a melting slurry, pooling at the bottom of a glowing crater.  Its a testament to the sheer bloody mindedness of Canoptek Wraiths that one of them actually got through into melee.   However, my humiliation was made complete when the Tau version of Jenette Vasquez ran forward and drop-kicked him off the battlements.  I know that male Fire Warriors are about as useful as a chocolate kettle in close combat, but you want to watch those female ones.  They're nasty.  I'm thinking of painting a hoof shaped footprint into the unfortunate Wraith's ocular sensor, to mark the occasion.

It was a close game on paper.  Alistair won on linebreaker.  Had it gone to turn 7 I would probably have been  tabled.  Ah well, at least I have something to whinge about again.  And finally having a painted Necron army is cool.  I think I'm starting to like them.

She lost her Bonding Knife.  In the eye socket of a Wraith.

Friday, 15 November 2013


I believe that I may now be slow painting Necrons since it took 3 days to add the weathering effects.  In my defense, I do work full time and pay lip service to raising a family.  I also played a game on Tuesday night which took forever to finish.  Its weird, watching the other player rolling a million psychic powers and having to move all his units several times per turn. Normally, that guy is me.  Battle focus might be a neat idea but it does slow the game down interminably as your opponent tries to move all 12 of his jet bikes out of the charge range of your wraiths and spends 5 minutes just measuring stuff.  Anyhoo, I finally got round to slapping some AK light rust effects on the army.  Followed by a thin coating of Burnt Umber oil colour which took an absolute age to dry.  I kept poking them to see if they were done and leaving muddy fingerprints all over the place.

Its fair to say that my army has a large yellow streak.

I'm also experimenting with a super fast basing technique called "pour Jo Sonja's Crackle Medium varnish on it".  My weathering effects on the yellow carapace parts were less than professional too, involving a craft knife and closing my eyes a lot.  I actually have some Heavy Chipping acrylic fluid from AK which I could have used but it probably would have added another day to the whole process so I didn't bother.

You can see the crackly bits starting to form on the edge of the Wraith base.  Its like magic.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Turning to Custard

Well that took freaking ages.  I never realised just how fiddly some of these models are.  There might not appear to be much difference in the photo but the green is now added.  Again, I had to paint it white first and then add Scorpion Green.  This proved to be too light, so I added a green wash.  This made it too dark so I added a lighter Scorpion Green.  It still didn't look right so I gave up.

Green.  Ish.
Then I glanced up at the shelf and realised that I'd completely forgotten about the sodding Royal Court.

You forgot to paint us!  High five, bro!

Bollocks.  I think the best course of action at this stage would be to carry on regardless.  The next stage is to add weathering effects.  This will be achieved by that age old method of kicking the bastard things around the garage.

Sunday, 10 November 2013


I put the washes on  (Reikland Fleshshade & Nuln Oil) which has softened the 'construction site' yellow a little and added more contrast to the silver.  I also put a heavy black wash on the guns (and tails!) with Tin Bitz overbrushed on top. 
Caption?  We don't need no steenking caption
The overall paint scheme has caught up with my tester models so I added them back in. I'm getting a bit bored with the whole thing now so need to keep momentum going.  Green bits next.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The future is yellow

Second colour added.  One more to go and they are tournament ready!  Lol.  Like they'll ever compete in a tournament.  I think yellow is quite original for Necrons, but I have a horrible feeling that it just looks stupid.  Maybe some of that Iyanden or Tau shooty goodness will rub off though.

Transformers, Tau bots in disguise!
It took longer than anticipated; about 4 hours.  So much for speed painting, but you've got to stay in the lines, haven't you?  Also I had to undercoat with white first.  Its worse than painting red, if you try to paint directly over a dark basecoat the colour doesn't show up.  You end up having to do about 4 or 5 layers and it can still look murky, so its just easier to put a coat of white on first.  

Next up:  some washes.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Speed painting Necrons

I've bitten the bullet and started painting psycho robots. Quickly.  In fairness, the plate metal primer makes the first part really easy. All models were done in under an hour.  I like painting and all, but basecoating an entire army is boring as hell.  This is waaay faster, gives a smooth finish, requires no preparation or cleaning and makes you high, all at the same time.  Aerosols for the win.

Oooh, shiny

Of course, I wasted several days trying to get the old, failed colour schemes off.  Simple Green isn't as good as I originally thought.  I found that using a 2:1 mix of hot water and Simple Green worked best.  Left to soak for a day or two.  Even then I had really scrub with a toothbrush and it didn't all come off.  I got bored in the end and left some of them painted:

I didn't repaint these because...  well, because I can't be arsed.

They will look stupid when compared to the rest of the Necrons but this is the price you pay for being unfocused and having a short attention span.