Tuesday, 10 November 2020

Riders On The Storm

I forgot to give her a sword.  So now she's got one.  I wouldn't class it as a relic or even master-crafted weapon but rules don't matter on this model so it is a venial sin rather than a mortal one.  A venial sin only weakens the soul.  In order to atone for my sins I imposed a penance of 'no converting' on the rest of the marines in the army.  

This did not work out well.  I didn't actually kitbash or convert the Outrider models themselves but all my Red Scorpions are themed with Tyranid base decorations.  So adding a few Genestealer skulls wasn't breaking the rules as far as I was concerned and it only got slightly out of hand.  I built one of the Outriders in the stock pose at least.  He reminds me of Judge Dredd and that's good enough.  Cruising through the mean streets of Mega City One, administering justice with his Lawgiver set to 'High Explosive'.  He's tough, but fair. Sheriff Woody on warp dust.

Which brings me on to my attempt at a textbook slide-pivot U-turn on an all-terrain Astartes ground bike.  This one's right out of the manual. Performed in order to rapidly change direction on rough, confined terrain.  

It can also unbalance an encroaching enemy and avert disaster by diamond hard chitin.  Any attempt to disable/dismember said enemy whilst performing this maneuver displays both flair and overconfidence.  

Genestealers have six limbs, each capable of instantly killing an unarmoured opponent.  This is in addition to rabid jaws and a prehensile tongue, tipped with a fate worse than death.  A bolt through the skull should be sufficient to dissuade them.

In a similar vein, it can be seen that rash behaviour when confronted by overwhelming hordes of insignificant Ripper Swarms will often have dire consequences.  Static cannonades from fixed line squads are much more effective.  <<CHAPLAIN INTERJECT : Bellowing 'For the Emperor!' whilst impetuously charging the foe is in fact Codex Compliant>>.  

I think the Forgeworld Ripper Swarm works very well here as the worlds most expensive base decoration.  I feel the need to to add more Rippers.  I've started pulling them off existing, finished bases.  It ain't right, I tell ya.  

What the hell, it might finally motivate me to atone for the Forgeworld unmentionables I was ill-advised to purchase in a moment of weakness about 3 years ago.  I might even get round to painting them. One of them at least.

Monday, 21 September 2020

Dirty Harriet

Another reminder that I dislike painting gems, eyes, cloaks and fucking plasma coils.  This is why I never started a Dark Angels army.  Well, not since 1988 anyway.  I really should learn how to do it properly and I do watch tutorials, but I always end up saying to myself, 'No, I've had an idea and I got this.  I know better.  Oh shit, this is the twelfth coat of paint and it's starting to look like blancmange.'

"..being this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off.."

Her left eye was so deeply embedded that I ended up using a pin to scratch paint in there.  I honestly don't know how these pro-painters do it.  Gallons of patience, practice and talent I suspect.  And I lost patience eventually so no extreme close ups I'm afraid and lots of backdrop frippery to draw your eye away from her goat eye.  You can't really see it from the photos but I know it's there.  It will keep me awake at night.

Ah, I think I need a break from painting (having done practically none for a month).  It might be time to immerse myself in Path of Exile:  A free to play Diablo clone. It has to be a mesmerisingly addictive game, surely?  Which should be setting off klaxons in OCD police HQ, who carefully monitor all gaming activities from the safety of my forebrain.

Some of the reviews on Steam are hilarious.  One critic from the user base gave it a 'NOT RECOMMENDED' and wrote, "This game has become ridiculous and it is over to me." Having logged over 2,600 hours in the game.  I'm not kidding.  Every reviewer has their game time tagged in the review to prove that they've actually played it and not just for 5 minutes.  That's well over a year of full time work!  How is that even possible?  If you don't hear from me again then you'll know I got sucked in.

Sunday, 13 September 2020


This is the worst kind of heresy but I can't help it now.  I've crossed the Rubicon and there's no going back.  I even considered investing in an Age of Sigmar army last week.  And not just dirty square basers but damn, dirty Elvish square basers.  Oh, what a world!  Hobby butterfly syndrome has kicked in and there is zero motivation to finish my wardog, even though it's coming along nicely.

I had a moment of weakness where I suddenly decided that I needed to buy the Indomitus Starter Set for 40k.  Of course Nathan, the store manager immediately tried to divert my attention towards AoS models and that new Lumineth army caught my eye.  Yes indeed!  Minotaurs and Invisible dudes and serried ranks of glistening hoplites.  Enduring image isn't it?  Fortunately, sanity reasserted itself and I settled on the Warhammer 40,000 Command Edition box set.  An impulse buy, but I'd recently had my first game of 9th Edition 40k and I didn't hate it.  I thought I was going to hate it, but I didn't.  I was feeling so insecure before the game that I had to bring out Roboute and the blob of doom.  

Rory's Hive Tyrant made its debut and was, of course, ruthlessly dispatched.

Guilliman is like a security blanket.  He makes you feel better about everything really. ('Would you like to roll that again?  High five, bro!').  So I quite liked 9th edition and I may have gotten a teeny bit excited and needed to buy something.  Just a smidgen.

Of course there was zero chance of any spare Indomitus sets just lying around the FLGS, but I'd already checked the price on a couple of internet sites and I could still taste the vomit in my mouth.  Plus I needed a fix right now!  So the only thing to do was to creep down to Games Workshop and exchange large amounts of money for pristine plastic crack.  Then scamper down the nearest side street and mainline that shit.  Does anyone else celebrate their latest score with a trip to McDonalds?  I mean you might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb, right?  And if you do decide to frequent a local restaraunt, do you end up ripping off the cellophane and pawing at the sprues with grease and mayonnaise stained fingers?  Do nearby patrons look at you out of the corner of their eye and then move to a seat further away?  No?  That's just me?

Anyway, the Command box only has a Captain, 3 Outriders and 5 Assault Intercessors.  It also has a good amount of scenery which will blend seamlessly with my current collection and a ton of Necrons which just happen to be another army I play.  I immediately built the the captain and liked the bare headed option best.  He reminds me of Lorgar.  I was so pleased with it I decided on a bit of light conversion but kept it to a healthy minimum and just reversed the sword.  I really liked the shield and I think those poster boy Primaris might be starting to look a bit grimdark now.  Which reminded me that I didn't get the Judiciar, Chaplain, Bladeguards or Lieutenant in the box.  I especially wanted to own the Indomitus Lieutenant.  Not to worry, surely I could just get one from the shop?  

Well, yes... and no.  You can get the Lieutenant in the 'Recruit' edition starter set and it is very well priced, but I've barely looked at the contents of the Command Starter set which I only just bought.  I decided I could make my own Indomitus Lieutenant.  The special edition Primaris Captain with Power Fist was dusted off and unboxed, having been saved for just such an occasion.  Sadly, it didn't seem right.  Maybe I could do a Calgar conversion with him?  I'm glad I didn't start chopping him up and anyway he doesn't have a Stormshield.  In fact I didn't have any spare Stormshields.  Inconceivable! I nearly pulled the terminator shield off Captain Precarius in the heat of the moment but my eyes fell upon an introductory Sigmarine, half hidden on a bottom shelf. I think it's one of the ones that they give you at the hobby store (Another attempt by Nathan to pull me into the depths of depravity).  You can buy the model in the easy-to-build Stormcast Eternals Sequitor kit now.  

I picked it up, turning it over in my hands and said to myself, 'You know, that just might work'.  Precarius looked on in blank horror as I attached the discarded end of a Skull Cannon of Khorne to the power pack and added a Chaos monocle as well as a  MkIV Plasma gun. I spent ages removing the Stormcast insignia and it still isn't finished.  Precarius ran off in floods of tears at this point and won't come out of the bathroom. It definitely elevates me into arch-heresy status.  I'm just going to paint it up in the Red Scorpions colours and see if anyone actually notices.

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Aperture Science

I think I've made a Defiler or a Soul Grinder or some sort of daemon engine.  I didn't want to make a Defiler.  In fact I didn't even realise I'd done it until I glued the legs on.  Tzeentch works in mysterious ways.  Or maybe I should say Slaanesh in this case.  I'm still not starting a Chaos army. No, nay never, no more.

I've been cultivating these cobwebs for 5 years. Li 1, my trusty sword Sting and trophies in background.

A large chunk of inspiration for this conversion came from H.R. Giger's work, in particular "Li 1".  Li Tobler (the subject of the painting) was Giger's muse and she hated it so much that she slashed the original with a knife.  She thought it made her look ugly apparently but to me it is otherworldly and beautiful.

So I set about making the head look sort of ethereal, biomechanical insect horror.  I don't know what I'm doing at this point so I'm just going with it.  It's a sort of headress/giant cicada/Cthulhu thing.  Somebody on Facebook asked me for a parts list and I realised that I can't remember it all.  I know it was made from a Creature Caster Queen of Ecstasy, Maulerfiend, Skull Cannon, Disco Lord, Heldrake, Redemptor and random bits.

But some of the additions are a complete mystery.  I have several bitz boxes now and originally categorised everything neatly with separate boxes for Tyranid, Imperial, Necron, Chaos/Ad-Mech, Fantasy and Other.  Some of them had compartments with further subdivisions (heads, guns, arms etc.) There's an entire box of Spine Fists which no self respecting Tyranid player ever uses.  Most non-Tyranid players don't even know what they are.

However, over the past year or two, entropy has gradually crept in and it's all warp infected.  My entire gaming table is covered in sprues, instruction pamphlets, empty boxes and unidentifiable shards of plastic.  The workstation is currently unusable.  It's gotten to the stage where the mental inventory is functioning and I know I have the part but I have no hope in hell of finding it.  A bit like my life really.  I also destroyed a fully painted and magnetised Redemptor Gatling cannon for this little experiment.  A shameful state of affairs.

I feel like Sid in Toy Story.  An evil little boy with some serious issues who mutilates his toys into a disquieting amalgamation of their former selves.  There's even a spider one called 'Babyface' made out of a dolly's head and some Meccano.  I thought it was better than Buzz Lightyear to be honest.  Sid was quite talented before his toys rose up from the dead and Woody did his 'Exorcist' thing.  He is almost certainly an inmate in a mental institution now.

I hope to goodness my spider lady doesn't start talking to me but then Sid's toys never actually spoke either.  He messed them up so badly that they were all dumbstruck, mute.  Toy Story is a pretty horrendous concept when you think about it.

"This is your world, you're the creator.  Find freedom on this canvas" - The Blessed Bob Ross - Imager, Remembrancer, Slaaneshi Cultist. Circa M2.

Nothing Freudian about this.  No sir! Move along now please.

The female of the species is more deadly than the male.

Some girls will, some girls won't
Some girls need a lot of lovin' and some girls don't
Well, I know I've got the fever but I don't know why
Some say they will and some girls lie.

Saturday, 8 August 2020


I appear to have assembled my Creature Caster 'Queen of Ecstasy' model incorrectly.  To be fair, there were no instructions inside the box.  Finding them online was not difficult since Creature Caster publish them on their site. Regrettably, it was too late to turn back at this juncture and the spider vibe was kicking in.
Also I had removed her legs.  Not a particularly sensible decision but I really didn't like her shoes.  They look like something Gene Simmons wore back in his heyday and would undoubtedly play merry hell with her ankles, possibly resulting in injury.  Sensible footwear is an absolute must as you get on in years.

Anyway, I bought this model from Rory at Maelstrom the other week.  He was going to give it to me for free as long as I promised to actually do something with it. But I haggled and we settled on a very reasonable price.  Check out his blog over on Da Techmeks Garage

I wasn't entirely sure what to do with it to be honest. Those breasts are so outrageously pert, they can't possibly be real.  She obviously went in for a bit of surgery and my Adeptus Mechanicus chirurgeons might have gotten the wrong end of the stick.  Several wrong ends, in fact.  I think I'll have to paint all the skin metallic and make her look like an Iron Golem or something.  Her bosoms look panel beaten out of ball-bearing molds. I seem to remember the Hindu goddess Kali being portrayed as dark blue however and this model will have lots of 'arms' when it's done.  Maybe the original was inspired by the Goddess?   I'm not very good at painting skin though, unless it's necrotic or alien.

Painting her in my Dark Mech colours would be interesting and I could paint the bone textures erm.. bone coloured to break it up.   But then how could I play her as daemon in an AdMech army?  Additionally, without any projectile weapons she would be of little use as a playing piece.  I couldn't play a Slaaneshi temptress in a game unless I fell to Chaos completely and used her as a Keeper of Secrets.  A fiendishly interesting model but I'm pretty sure I know what I'd find under that loincloth.  Having endured a deeply religious upbringing I'd just get confused.  So I'm not playing Chaos and I refuse to start a 5th army.  Then again, I promised myself that I would never start a 3rd army.  Maybe giving her a huge phallic symbol is the answer.  Now I'm really confused.
I thought I might as well embrace the madness so I swapped out the spike on her feet for a Redemptor Gatling cannon and I reckon I can model that right hand holding a 'magic missile' (it's a missile, doesn't matter if it's magic or not).  Slap it on a Dunecrawler base and call it 'Onager'. Done and done. This is one reason why I love 40k.  It engages both hemispheres of the brain.  The right side is flitting around saying, 'Make it pretty! I simply can't abide some of the ghastly shit you come up with'.  Meanwhile, the left side casually observes, 'Very nice.  Let's weaponize this baby and shred something.'


Monday, 20 July 2020

Maelstrom the Thirteenth

Maelstrom XIII was hosted at Cashmere Avenue School hall in Wellington over the weekend.  Yet another successful tournament run by Hagen Kerr.  I've had such a crappy time of it lately that I wasn't going to go.  I even emailed Hagen prior to the (initial) date of the tournament and told him I was pulling out.  Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) the event was postponed due to lockdown and I was able to wallow in self pity for a bit longer.  Hagen had other ideas and was able to gently persuade me to attend by ignoring my half-arsed excuses.  Every time I look at him now his face seems to say, 'Come on, you know you can do better'.

Forgeworld Monkeychuka.  Can you tell which ones aren't finished?

This was a 5 round tournament of 40k.  1500pts and a last hurrah! for 8th edition.  I haven't purchased 9th edition yet.  I took one look at a Facebook post where someone had produced a flow chart to explain the terrain rules and decided I was in no hurry.   I get more than enough complexity at work and the following battle reports will demonstrate that I am still effectively learning how to play 8th.

++Game 1++ Shane Rongonui - Craftworld Ewhtlu++

It has become something of a tradition for me to recieve a drubbing from Elves in the first game of a 40k tournament.  In fact, in 4 out of the last 7 I attended, my first round opponents were fielding Eldar of some description.  I'm  beginning to think that this is a horrible, one sided joke that Hagen Kerr plays to torment me.

Shane performed the usual Elvish tricks and hid or reserved everything except one Wave Serpent which just floated there saying, 'Go on, shoot me. I don't care. You killed a transport.  Bully for you.'

He failed to destroy Chickenhawk (my renegade Imperial Knight) on the first turn and looked perturbed.  Statistically it should have been dead. The vague hope of victory surfaced in my mind.  It was a vain hope but the fires of competition were briefly kindled.  Shane kept on hitting me with those one-two body jabs of Doom/Jinx and the marauding pack of Eldar jetbikes encircled the titanic beast and closed in for the kill. I found that throughout the tournament I always had an 'oh, shit' moment whenever the Knight went down.  I never lost nearly a third of my army in one shooting phase before and it always stings.

It was actually a pretty close game on paper but we only played 2 turns. Slightly embarrassing but it was one of those games where you just fall into an easy banter. Spending as much time discussing how you painted this, or converted that, as actually playing.  He used some sort of gel to tint the exterior of the vehicle canopies and painted the inside white to make them pop which I thought was very effective even though I'm generally in favour of idiots who paint the inside of their Stormravens.  His army had some ridiculous rerolling invlunerable saves and I pretended to understand when he explained how it worked.  The Nightspinners deleted a few of my Skitarii units.  The Falcon and the Vypers turned up and would have cleaned my clock eventually but we ran out of time.  Shane didn't seem to give two hoots about the size of his win.  Or even his win, for that matter.  Sometimes it's good to just throw dice.

++Game 2++ Cody Parlato - Necrons

Cody was the first of the Kapiti Gang encountered at the tournament, and was just warming me up for the main event.  He had a tough Necron list which countered my heavy hitting guns with Wraiths phasing in and out of reality and Doomsday Arks completely absorbing the worst hits.  I tried to delete the Wraiths because I knew they would reanimate if I even left one alive. Allowing them to run riot through my Skitarii lines would have been like throwing fruit in a blender.  After two turns of pounding them to no avail, my own forces were whittled down to the point where I just didn't have the firepower any more.

Szeras is still picking people's brains.

I had been less than thorough in my preparations for Maelstrom and constantly quizzed my opponent about how AdMech worked. Cody had played them once at a tournament two years ago. He gave me a look as if to say, 'You're kidding, right?!' but was kind enough to call over Simon Smith (resident AdMech expert and alround guru) who explained a few of the rules properly.  Like how 'Bionics' is a 6 up invulnerable save and not a "feel-no-pain thing" as I put it.

I found that I really enjoyed using Daedalosus as a combination Molotov Cocktail/First Aid Kit.

If I'd managed to kill the Wraiths it might have been a different story but the large(ish) squads of Immortals were able to absorb a huge amount of punishment too.  Cody was good at making me constantly change my target priority.  So, another loss.  But I'm like an old, abused donkey at tournaments now.  I just take the punishment and stubbornly refuse to admit my incompetence.

++Game 3++ John Murrie - Cadian 317th

The usual effects of sleep deprivation were kicking in at this point.  I wasn't quite having psychotic episodes but I was definitely on the way.  So much so, that I completely forgot who John was.

I attempted to exchange formal introductions and got a slightly puzzled look from my opponent who confided in me, "I'm the only John here".  It wasn't until he mentioned that he was going to repaint his Harlequins that it twigged.  I've met him on multiple occasions and belong to several of the same Facebook groups.  He is also a member of the Kapiti Gang (I think.  Oh God.  Did I get that wrong too?).  I've even posted a picture of his Harlequins here.  After committing such a monstrous faux-pas, it is only fair that I went on to get meticulously tabled over 5 rounds.

I couldn't get through his screens of guardsmen who hurled themselves into the meat grinder one after the other until there were only 3 left.  But those 3 Cadians held the line!  In the next turn Pask basically made the sky fall in.  Knight down. Ouch.  The Armigers quickly followed suit.  After dealing with all my Questor Mechanicus units, John had me pinned behind an old warehouse.  Dear God! It was like being in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid!  Even hiding from him on the superior objective didn't help because those damn Manticores kept raining down death from above.

By the time they'd run out of missiles, the cavalry had arrived to mop up.  His chain of command was solid and he whipped out more orders to his men than a Chinese takeaway on the opening night of Celebrity Come Dancing.  This was my first tabling of the event which normally happens in round 1 or 2, so I was feeling buoyant.

++Game 4++ Rory Taylor - The Endless Chittering

My one and only practice game for Maelstrom was against Rory's servants of the Great Devourer.  He had given me several useful tips at the end of that bout, most of which I duly ignored. Or forgot.  Now we were facing off, for real in a tournament for the first time.  In retrospect we agreed that the whole thing came down to who won first turn (how banal).  I wanted to rush him with my knights but had no line of sight for my Ad Mech units to work effectively in the back field.  So I just plonked everything on the starting line and hoped for the best.

Rory immediately realised that my strategy was no strategy at all and mirrored my deployment, comfortable in the knowledge that he had +1 to his roll for first turn.  It should be noted that Tyranids are much better at this sort of thing than Adeptus Mechanicus.  He had also compiled a dossier of all his units in a handy ring binder with a cover page of his own design entitled, 'The Tome of Endless Chittering'.  This is my kind of crazy.

He predictably won the roll, teed up for a mass charge and promptly 'mind controlled' my Imperial Knight, who unleashed its considerable payload into my Stratoraptor.  I was dreading the charge phase but he hadn't even opened fire with his own forces yet and 'Virago', his beastly (but excellent) conversion of a Shadowsword vapourised Chickenhawk in one volley.

I'm pretty sure he killed one of the Armigers in the initial barrage too but my attention was waning at this point because A) I was losing badly and B) I had just purchased a second hand Creature Caster 'Queen of Ecstasy' model from him and was itching to have a look at it.  I surveyed the battlefield and decided to use the 'Noble Sacrifice' stratagem to make my knight explode.  I probably did more damage to my own forces than my opponents but it was enormous fun.

The Tyranid forces casually dismantled the remainder of my army in the next turn but I already had the Creature Caster box open and was rummaging through the contents.  Rory noted with acerbic wit that maybe I threw the the game by deliberately blowing up my knight.  I was too busy admiring the buttocks of my latest purchase to pay much attention to this remark. Hey, sex sells.  You can't deny that.

Anyhoo, the game only lasted an hour so we repaired to a local cafe and had a long, leisurely lunch.

Could you pass the salt, please?

++Game 5++ Simon Avery - Deathwatch

The last game is usually a bit of fun because at this point you know your limitations and the Swiss pairing system means that you are facing a like-minded adversary.  Also, you are too tired to give much of a shit.  Unless you're duking it out at the top tables of course, but those people operate in a different sphere of consciousness to the rest of us.  As luck would have it, my last opponent was incredibly helpful and informative and basically told me how to win.  I even tried to ignore his advice at one point and said, 'You shouldn't be telling me this!'  He replied with, 'No, lets see what your army can really do'.  Simon must be at least half my age so it was a fairly humbling experience.  God help us all if he ever becomes cynical. He had named every one of his men individually and painted their moniker on the base rims.  No two Space Marines were seconded from the same chapter.  There was a Howling Griffon and a Sons of Guilliman, Crimson Fist, Dark Angel, Mentor, Fleshtearer, Raven Guard, an Edward, a Jacob, you name it, he probably had it.

His first turn drop pod arrived and deleted all my screening units.  The licorice allsorts marines were all set up to slam dunk my warlord in the next turn.  'Well thats it' I thought, 'Game Over, man'.  However, he did not manage to kill my knight and reminded me that I had a plethora of ways to heal it back up and make it go insane.  He also pointed out that whilst I had cleverly penetrated his back line with my Stratoraptor, I should now target his Super-Buff-Bot Watchmaster which was technically the closest unit (and also his Warlord) rather than the expendable unit of marines nearby that had been my first choice.  The Stratoraptor whiffed most of its shots but did enough damage for my sniper team to finish him off.  First Strike and Warlord!

He approved of my decision to send the Warglaives into his Intercessors and backed up by stratagems the assault was horrifically effective.  I then split the pack up and recalled Sawberus to protect my dangerously exposed Warlord (who was busy running away).  Simon revealed that although his squad of drop podding veterans were devastating in overwatch, they couldn't see Sawberus through the first floor of the building.  I stared at him blankly for a few seconds so he added, 'Your Warglaive is within charge range of them'.  The penny dropped and I charged Sawberus into the veterans. I was not disappointed.

Severely damaged but enraged to insensate levels, my Renegade Imperial Knight was wreaking havoc in the centre.  The choice of custom Knightly Household means that my war engines become more deadly when they are crippled.  The veterans trying to stem his advance decided to fall back and counter assault the Tech Priest Manipulus who was holding one of the primary objectives and providing long range fire support.  The Deathwatch took a desperate gamble and a Veteran Dreadnought was woken from its slumber to dispatch the rampaging knight. It lumbered across the battlefield, charging twin lascannons with mounting fury.

But Tzeentch was smiling and Chickenhawk was rolling hot. He used his Thunderstrike Gauntlet for the first time ever and eviscerated the walking sarcophagus.  The only reason Chickenhawk even has a Thunderstrike Gauntlet was because I thought it looked cool on the model.  But, for a wonder, I remembered the special ability. I attempted to pick up the metal remains and hurl them into a nearby Deathwatch unit. You know, just to add insult to injury.  I failed the roll, but damn that would have been cool.  Simon seemed to be enjoying the spectacle as much as I was.

The breakaway veterans killed most of my Skitarii, but the Manipulus held on to the objective.  Then Chickenhawk caught up with them and it was pretty much game over. The Stratoraptor soared majestically over the carnage, administering the occasional coup-de-grace.  Even the Onager performed well for an anti-air vehicle.  I tried not to take any pictures of it because it was just barely painted to the 3 colour standard.  I can't believe I won best presentation.  And Best Sports too!  Me!!  Miserable bastard me! )

Ok time for the rogues gallery:

Shields Up!  (Ryan Pike)

There's something about Jake Easton's version of Chaos that speaks to me.  The fact that he is a schoolteacher probably explains it all.

Another Dark Mech army? (Simon Smith)

Whoaa!! Easy there tiger! (Jake Easton)

Glen Burfield's ghostly Eldar

Jordan looks as cheerful as ever

Ryan Stuart vs. Sam Whitt

Sam's daemons being distracted by Ryan's Carnifex

Harry Bright won Vexilla

Harry Bright's White Scars

Sean Sullivan won best general with Deathwatch

Courtney Thomson's Thousand Sons

Aidin Ralfe's converted Heldrake

Chris Parkin's Raven Guard

My boys