Monday 30 September 2013

How to get 'ahead' in 40k

Well this marker should motivate my sluggish, gunline Necrons.  I'm not sure its actually a Necron objective marker anymore though.  The theme doesn't quite compute.  

"Advance to the objective, minons! And somebody put Geoff's head back on."

If I was really on the side of the megalomaniac androids then I would have depicted the Necron Warrior as wounded (damaged? structurally compromised?).  Maybe a twisted ankle or a rusty elbow joint rather than having his spine ripped out.  There's no coming back from that one really, not even with reanimation protocols.   And he's hardly the centrepiece of this little diorama.  I might as well just admit that I like Genestealers better.

I haven't played them since 6th edition came out.  Fielding 30 outflanking/infiltrating Genestealers stopped being fun very quickly. Ymgarls are great at jumping out of the shadows and going "Boo!" but they just get whittled down too easily. And worse, they are competing for your elite slots.  Shame really.  Genestealers are iconic in 40k and probably the most universally recognised Tyranid unit.

Its just a flesh wound!  I've had worse  

The new codex is rumoured for a November or January release.  It would be nice if they brought the 'stealers back. However, I reckon that the only 'auto includes' will be all the new models.  Watch out for Harpy/Erinye and Mycetic spore lists with all your elite slots filled by Pyrovores.  They must have half a million of those finecast buggers rotting away in an disused warehouse somewhere.  I reckon there will be a Pyrovore on the front cover of the new codex, single handedly wiping out an entire company of Sternguard and creating 2++ re-rollable cover saves for every friendly unit in the form of the new 'Melting Point of The Sun' rule.  The price in the codex will plummet and the price on the shelf will rocket and there will be Games Workshop board members swimming in piles of cash and lighting cigars with 50 pound notes. Mark my words.  There will be a world shortage of finecast resin.  Trygons will be rubbish and Carnifexes will be awesome again with their new weaponised maggot sprayers.  But your existing models will be useless because you'll have to buy all the new weapon attachments. And people will rage quit or have brain aneurysms on the forums and quitters won't whine and whiners won't quit.  Honest, I'm not making it up. You heard it here first.

I'll be back

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