Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Flicking through my new Tyranid codex and trying to build a good list I decided that the best addition to my army would be a non-Tyranid fortification.  What an utterly depressing conclusion to reach.  

This is all I've managed to come up with so far.  Not a very auspicious beginning.

The Imperial fortification designated 'Wall of Martyrs - Firestorm Redoubt' provides an AV14 bunker, an 11" long piece of terrain to hide behind (which is LoS blocking for gribblies), a very decent anti-air option and, most importantly, can boost my Synapse radius by roughly 2-5". This might not seem a lot, but if you stick a Zoanthrope in it with Dominion primaris, he covers an area of the board 35" wide and 29" deep.  Thats a helluva lot of Synapse coverage.  Over a quarter of the standard gaming table, in fact.

The rules governing this little exploit are dubious to say the least.  The basic rulebook (p78) talks about measuring ranges from the hull of an embarked unit in a vehicle, rather than the model itself which is not on the table.  Further, page 93 states that you embark onto a building in exactly the same way as a vehicle.  This is all very tenuous, but if GW wanted to sell more fortifications (which I'm sure they do) then they could FAQ it to the Nid's advantage (they already did it for Big Mek Kustom Force Fields).  Of course, they could always go the other way which might incense me to nerd rage.  The current Tyranid FAQ is ominously missing from their site, which probably means it is being updated.

Regardless, this is an excellent hobby opportunity.  The thought of using an actual Firestorm Redoubt fills me with loathing and scorn.  But it got me thinking, 'what if I build a Tyranid Firestorm Redoubt from scratch? A Hivestorm Redoubt no less!'.  Its a fairly ambitious project, granted.  So I've been sitting on my hands and not really doing much for a couple of weeks (I also went on holiday).  However, maybe if I blog about it, then I will actually be motivated to produce something.

I also need to get my new models painted up.  I've only really been impressed with the Venomthrope so far but painted models always perform better on the battlefield, as everyone knows.  (Except on their maiden voyage when they invariably do a 'Titanic')

I'm going to paint these too.  I'm just not saying when.

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