Wednesday 9 July 2014

Devil in the details

I managed to paint 11 Devilgaunts before losing the will to live.  So that will have to do for now.  This means that I have painted a total of 83 gaunts with only 9 remaining.  You'd think it would be easy to make the big push and finish the last few wouldn't you?  Its not.  Its boring.

I may need to undergo a partial lobotomy in order to get the last few done.
I even painted the eyes, teeth and hooves of this batch.  I thought it might make me more fond of the Termagant model.  But they're still shitty-statline-remove-them-in-handfuls-nobody-gives-them-a-second-look workhorse gaunts at the end of the day.  Actually, thats not entirely true.  In games, I find a sprinkling of devourers in the brood makes them much more shooty and not just deckchair units. Which is nice.  Its not great, but its nice.  Maybe I'm just playing them wrong.  I don't care, gaunts are my least favourite unit.  Ooooh the irony.

On a plus note, my infested terrain is coming along nicely:

"All about me the red weed clambered among the ruins, writhing to get above me in the dimness."

I've finished building 3 ruins now and they have been basecoated with the first lot of drybrushing finished.  That lovely man Nathan at my local GW store gave me a load of discontinued gaming hills which are rife with possibilities. I plan to build a full Tyranid infestation board and my Zuzzy gaming mat is on order. Sorry Nathan, I can't afford a Realm of Battle board but I am entirely willing to prostitute myself further with a view to obtaining more free stuff.


  1. Well the Gaunts are great, I love the colours on the striations on their chitin. I really like Termagants, they can be surprisingly effective, I just don't like the multitudes that end up being deployed for them to be effective. I'm not a horde fan, anything more than 30/40 gets frustrating.

    Love the infested board too, the glue tendrils are very effective. I'd shied away from doing any of that in my terrain. Too much doubt that paint would adhere to the glue but with my new AoP board gestating in my head I may have found another technique to employ.

    1. Agreed. It would be a suprising Nid army that didn't contain any at all. They just become tedious to paint after the first 30 or so and, like you, I don't enjoy shuffling that many around in a game. I used to run in the movement phase to save time (with my opponents permission) but that can scupper you when you are casting powers in the Psychic phase so I have to move the little feckers twice per turn now