Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Canoptek Moth

>Designation: Canoptek Spyder 
>Common Title: 'Moth'

>Species: Necrontyr 

Specimen deactivated

>Purpose: Primarily utilised for rapid response ship maintenance and repair but often employed in an offensive capacity. 

>Additional: Faster and more agile than the Spyder variant it is designed for zero gravity deployment. The distinctive 'antennae' which give rise to its name are actually a pair of highly flexible particle cutters, adept at both prising apart and welding shut hull plating. 

More lightly armoured than the Spyder, it carries a smaller payload of 'scarab' repair drones. 

Anterior mandibles: 26,000 psi. Cutter Rating A6

Carapace: unknown alloy

Thrust acceleration: 90 m/s2
>Notes: First discovered in ++censored++ sector, Ultima Segmentum at the battle of ++censored++ 5053892.M41 when a fleet of Moths attempted to 'reverse engineer' the ++censored++ Dauntless class light cruiser. Captain ++censored++ of the ##redacted## Astartes led a heroic sortie on the outer hull of the ship to eradicate the verminous menace.  Losses were ++censored++ and ++censored++ percent of the company ++censored++. Future attempts to ++censored++ should be approached ##redacted##.  In these, our darkest days, ##redacted## 

<<remaining record expunged>> 

aa/Interdict: Inquisitor Monkeychuka
Armament: Particle Cutters. Range 300m

>Appendment 03/2: The Emperor Protects! (datascroll ref: Xen/a/0023717) 

Thought for the day: 'The wages of sin is death' 

>end record

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