Thursday 11 July 2013

Head Transplant Complete

Pro-Tip: When you buy a Dremel rotary tool you should totally destroy all your carefully painted models with it. You know you have spare heads.

Despite being upgraded to a Swarmlord, the Tyrant was still mostly armless.

The Spore Chimney didn't fare so well but bollocks to it, a lick of paint and it'll be right as ninepence.

I could try to pass it off as snow effects I suppose

 The gargoyles were an unqualified success. Fortunately I didn't start hacking away at the models and just drilled holes in the bases for magnets. Gargoyles are the spawn of Satan when it comes to transportation, or storage or even just picking them up. The little feckers actually seem to intertwine with each other when you aren't looking. You have to disentangle a clump of them when you open the box, all clinging to each other with their stupid, bloody little claws. Well, no longer friends, because I magnetised the bastards to a metal tray:

Or maybe I just turned the camera on its side

At some point I'll stop pissing about and actually paint everything in time for Call-To-Arms.  Its a bad day when you'd rather destroy a perfectly good Hive Tyrant head or update a failed blog than paint 72 termagants.  Actually, that's fairly appropriate behaviour.  I swore faithfully to myself a year ago that I would never paint another Termagant again.  And I'm not just painting them, I'm re-painting them.  That's masochism that is.

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