Sunday 14 July 2013


I don't play Starcraft. Actually, I do fire up the game every now and again and push buttons, but any self respecting Starcraft gamer would not call this 'playing'.  So this post isn't named particularly well.  I do have nice horde of gribblies shaping up though:

Where's Wally?
The carapaces are all basecoated and ready for their stripey bits.  They look pretty good when they are all painted the same way.  There's something about serried ranks of toy soldiers all uniformly painted which appeals to the inner geek.  I think its why wargamers muck around with armies from the Napoleonic or American Civil wars rather than just playing chess.  All those brightly coloured tunics and banners lined up in rank and file, closely packed and eagerly awaiting the grape shot from enemy cannon.  Its probably more rewarding and fun than painting and playing with guerrilla warfare soldiers but I reckon it goes deeper than that.  If you give a boy a box of Lego he'll build a wall or a house. If you give him a load of matchbox toy cars he'll usually line them all up. Then mix them all up making 'brumm, brumm' noises and line them up again.  I know adult gamers who display this sort of behaviour, making 'shooshing' noises when their flyers come in from reserve. We probably have an innate need to impose order on the world around us coupled with a need to pretend that we drive fast vehicles.  40k satisfies this need quite well.  Anyhoo, I better get back to it.  Those gaunts won't paint themselves you know.

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