Wednesday 27 November 2013

Necron Drive-By

I couldn't resist it.  I had to buy a Ghost Ark as well.  Its such an excellent model that my life felt empty and joyless without it. It was satisfyingly complex to build and paint too.  I dutifully followed the instructions right up to the part where it said "we recommend painting this assembly before the next stage".  Screw that.  I just glued the bugger together and blu-tacced the warrior carcasses in place.  I wanted to play with it, dude.  Its a toy, dammit!

Of course, I've broken the flight stand already and the bloody thing wobbles about all over the place.  I'm thinking of nailing it on.  I have also discovered that Vallejo Model Air metallic Steel is the most awesomest paint.  This was entirely by accident since I ran out of Army Painter primer and was frantically casting around for something to replace it with.  It actually works with an airbrush medium and doesn't clog the nozzle.  Yes, I know its meant to work with an airbrush but I was too dense to try it out.

They see me skimmin'.  They hatin'

Thats it now.  No more Necrons.  I will resist the urge to buy anything until Tyranids come out in January and I have a nerdgasm all over the keyboard.  I had a minor tantrum when all the rumours about a December release turned out to be unfounded and I still can't find my dummy.  Have your 'Hobbit' release, Emperor damn you!  I refuse to buy homoerotic elves!

I can't wait for it to get blasted off the table in Turn 1!


  1. OK, that's settled; I'm straight-up ganking this color scheme for my upcoming Necron army.

    1. Go for it. I'm still not sure about yellow tbh, so do a couple of tester models first!