Thursday 7 November 2013

Speed painting Necrons

I've bitten the bullet and started painting psycho robots. Quickly.  In fairness, the plate metal primer makes the first part really easy. All models were done in under an hour.  I like painting and all, but basecoating an entire army is boring as hell.  This is waaay faster, gives a smooth finish, requires no preparation or cleaning and makes you high, all at the same time.  Aerosols for the win.

Oooh, shiny

Of course, I wasted several days trying to get the old, failed colour schemes off.  Simple Green isn't as good as I originally thought.  I found that using a 2:1 mix of hot water and Simple Green worked best.  Left to soak for a day or two.  Even then I had really scrub with a toothbrush and it didn't all come off.  I got bored in the end and left some of them painted:

I didn't repaint these because...  well, because I can't be arsed.

They will look stupid when compared to the rest of the Necrons but this is the price you pay for being unfocused and having a short attention span.

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  1. Costrol superclean! Found at most automotive stores. It's a vile smelling purple liquid, and it strips paint off of plastic models like some sort of magic talisman, without harming the plastic. A 24 hour soak, and it sloughs off under hot water. it's unreal.