Sunday 8 June 2014

Mutable Genus

The Hive Mind was displeased with the performance of the Swarmlord.  His subversion of the prey worlds had proven merely adequate of late.  As with many Tyranid strains, the Lord of the Swarm was a mutable genus and capable of being bio-engineered into an entirely different species.  He had undergone many evolutions in the course of his existence.   The transformation was far from painless.

From a purestrain tyrant, to combat flyer, to Swarmlord. His latest incarnation reverted to winged form.  This time however his flight was aided by a much larger wingspan, enabling him to stay aloft for longer periods whilst sacrificing agility and the ability to pounce on prey.

Consequently, his weapons had evolved too and he now wielded twin linked Brainleech devourers with which to torment his victims from afar.

The Hive Mind was satisfied with the metamorphosis.

And the winged tyrant was once again unleashed upon a ripe and fecund galaxy.


  1. That's awesome, love the snot green join between the two Devourers. When I started secondary school me and my mates used to have our sandwiches in the lunch room. We would sit at the same table every day because next to it was a a heating vent with a metal grill with circular punched holes in it that kept us warm. The only thing to ruin this otherwise golden advantage over the other tables is some dirty little scrote had filled one of the holes in the grill with a ball of snot not unlike the green goo you have joining the two Devourers together.

    We observed the change in its composition as it was repeatedly warmed and cooled over our time at school. Many years later at a school reunion I went once again into the sandwich hall and despite the grill being repainted you could indeed see one hole that was gummed up the paint covering its dirty little secret. if the school had not been pulled down since I still imagine the bogey would be there to this day. Aah, great days!

    1. I'm flattered.. I think. Which school was it? I went to school in Horwich and Orrell. Maybe it was one of mine...