Tuesday 27 May 2014


When you have more Termagant devourers than you know what to do with, you have to start being creative.  I already pulled the arms off 20 Fleshborer gants and turned them into Devilgaunts.  I used 12 more to create the twin linked brainleech variant for my Carnifexes and a Flyrant.  I destroyed about 10 of them during experimentation with fire and various household chemicals.  I'm glad I do all my modelling and painting in the garage.  My wife would never allow it in the house.

I still have literally boxes of them lying around.  God knows what I'm going to do with the Spinefist guns.  I don't even know what they do.  Are there even rules for them?  And what the hell is a "Spike Rifle"?  

Anyway, I decided to convert my Harpy conversion into a Crone conversion.  Deciding what to make the testiclids out of was a no brainer really.  Add in a few Hive Tyrant gothic shoulder pads, a twist of wire and a bit of sticky, et voila.  4 Testiclids.

I replaced the TL Venom Cannon with those bagpipe, ammunition feeder sacs.  Unfortunately they only come as left arms, since the right one holds the gun.  So I had to do a bit of chopping and grey stuffing to make a right arm which looks vaguely like the left one.  I also extended the tongue with the barrel of a Deathspitter to create the Drool Cannon.  

Having just read about the 7th Edition changes to Vector Strike, I'm tempted to put all the Harpy bits back on.  Thank goodness I'm addicted to magnets.  

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