Monday, 30 March 2015

softly, softly catchee monkey

Work progresses painfully slowly.  I've only managed to lengthen the tentacles and slap some more green/greystuff on in an entire week.  I have many hours of sanding ahead of me which is giving me the fear.   In a fit of pre-Christmas spoiled brat pique, I decided to open my present early and blu-tacced various missing bits on.  Then I balanced the pod, teetering against my brushes mug and took some pictures.

If this gets finished in a month I'll count myself lucky.  I may have to go and immerse myself in Skyrim again afterwards and I'm already sick of the sight of eggs.  Actually, we have a brand new Playstation 4 in our house which I am 40% owner of. My kids unbelievably managed to save up 80% of a PS4 in pocket money.  This amount combined with my own contribution adds up to more than 100% and I was originally only supposed to make up the final fifth.  However, in their unbridled excitement at our imminent purchase, both my sons forgot to mention that we would have to get an extra controller and 2 must-own blockbuster titles.  So I ended up paying more. But thats ok because we now have 'The Last Of Us' which is a great game so far.  If only I could finish my model and tear the kids (bellowing and screaming) away from the console for long enough, I could lose myself in the zombie apocalypse for a wee while.

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