Saturday 4 April 2015

Cross Section (vertical plane)

Conversion is finished.  Kind of.  The model is too intricate to paint assembled and remains in pieces.  

I haven't even glued/magnetised it to the base yet.  I need to paint various parts (Carnifex, tentacles, mandibles, carapace) separately and I hate doing that.  Spending hours meticulously highlighting vents or claws only to have them completely hidden when glued together is annoying. Or putting all the light tones on what turns out to be the underside of the leg.  However, since I've built the Carnifex to be completely removable and sought to re-create the visceral innards in gory detail, I deserve nothing less.

I suppose I should pay attention more on this one but I tend to zone out whilst painting.  Trying to reach a meditative state, I usually end up thinking about practical Unix terrorism or what to make for dinner.  Either that or listen to music/podcasts.  Audiobooks are now banned whilst painting since my Chaos inspired destruction of the Firestorm Redoubt last year.  Truth be told, I've got none to listen to at the moment.

I opted for Venom Cannons rather than Deathspitters this time.  I might equip all my Tyrannocytes with them and play my games in a orgy of self destruction going forward.   I've signed up for Maelstrom VIII this year and have every intention of including all 3 pods.  Only one of them is painted so far and this is the incentive to finish them.

The rules for Tyrannocytes are unclear, which will add to the fun.  Ironically, White Dwarf issue 41 states that, "when it comes to using them in the game, it couldn't be easier". This is further proof, if any were needed, that GW is a modeling company first and foremost with the game more or less tacked on as a secondary consideration.  Consequently, no one is absolutely sure whether you can only fire one of the ring of guns adorning the crown of the alien drop pod (as for vehicle firing arcs) or all five of them (as for monstrous creatures) at a distant target.  Or somewhere in between.  Ah well, it gives me an excuse to rage quit if I'm tired and don't think I can win a game.

Of course, I'm far too non-confrontational to do that.  Basically, I don't really care and just want to strut my stuff in a competitive setting and blow shit up (even if it is my own army).   Ah, but I'm getting ahead of myself.  I have two sizeable pods to paint first and must decorate the inside of one of them as well a completely superfluous Carnifex.


  1. Fantastic, I love the cross sectional texture in the outer shell, like when you see the inside of a bird's bones. Have you seen that Tyrranocyte that's coming in at an angle. Instead of the standard floating upright on it's tentacles look I saw one that was head down tentacles trailing as per most of the original Spore Pod drawing, really looks cool, but don't know whether it works to have one during re-entry and one in floaty ball of death mode. It may have to be all one way or the other.

    Meanwhile I personally think it's all 5 as a MC, this isn't a static object it could be rotating in the air and spitting them out one by one.

    1. Thanks mate. Havent seen the conversion you're talking about but will be searching t'internet very shortly for it. In my 'design sketches' I had the 5 carapace parts locked at the bottom in a sort of starfish shape to act as a shield for re-entry. I knew I couldn't model both so I went for 'floaty ball of death'.

  2. Rules clearly state (hahahaaa, no really!) it's a Monstrous Creature. It shoots all 5, 360 degree field of fire.

  3. This has turned out fantastically well mate, I can't wait to see it painted and with added goo!