Thursday 16 April 2015


Only blogging can save me now.  Must...  Finish...  Painting.  Apathy setting in.  I have finished the inside and you can see the sleeping Carnifex bottom right.  In an attempt to be more efficient I'm doing my second Tyrannocyte conversion at the same time.  

The outside is boring as hell.  The thought of doing three layers of striations on ten more carapace airbrakes is nauseating. 

I found this on the deck outside the other day.  It was laying eggs so I took a picture.  I dream of eggs.  I am obsessed with eggs.  Its not even Easter anymore.  Is it a preying mantis?  I am not sure.


  1. Your nids really inspire me mate, hopefully you have managed to punch through and get it finished. It's such a really cool conversion idea and very well executed. Having just finished building my first one I can't even imagine doing 3++ of them, what an asshole of a kit.

    1. Thanks! They're a bitch to paint too :) This is taking far longer than expected! Nearly done though.

  2. nice Nids and yes it is a Preying Mantis